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Chapter 13

Battle of Canterlot

After speaking with the first responders who were on scene, the girls approached the front door of City Hall. Slimer was staying with them, determined to help in any way he can. Any civilians they find would be sent out for the paramedics to treat. Luckily the Mayor was already out of the building. While she was naturally concerned about everything, Sunset reassured her that they would do everything in their power to end it. She also said that they weren't going to hold back, and property damage was pretty much a guarantee. But stopping what could be the apocalypse was more important than desks and chairs that can be easily replaced.

“Anyone got something profound to say before we walk into a war?” Sunset asked as she put a hand on the door.

“Just an Ancient Egyptian blessing...” Twilight said.

“And that is?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“May God stand between you and harm in all the dark places you must walk.”

The girls all looked at Twilight.

“Where did you find that Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“An episode of Babylon 5?” Twilight replied with an embarrassed smile.

“I got another reference for us!” Pinke Pie chirped. “Retreat Hell!”

“Retreat Hell?” Fluttershy asked

“From Battle: Los Angeles! A marine said that the saying was from World War One. Marines from their unit arrived on the front lines just in time for a retreat order and their sergeant said 'Retreat, Hell... we just got here',” Pinkie explained.

“I will never again question your movie trivia Pinkie,” Sunset said with a smile. Both Twilight's blessing and Pinkie's line seemed to fit the situation. She also decided to check out that movie at some point. If they survived.

Taking a deep breath, Sunset pushed the door open and lead the girls into City Hall. It wasn't long before they discovered that there was more wrong with the building than they thought. The entire first floor looked like something from a castle. And not just any castle. The girls found themselves in what appeared to be Canterlot Castle in Equestria!

Tightening her grip on her Neutrona Wand, Sunset was the most visibly affected by this. Both Twilight and Rarity were taking readings with their PKE Meters when Twilight said something about a cross dimensional transference. When asked, Twilight said that it was Kylie who came up with the theory. Basically they were in a pocket dimension. Elements from another dimension were bleeding through due to the sheer amount of energy weakening the barriers. It was a less controlled version of what the girls had witnessed at the Friendship Games. Sunset couldn't find any fault in the theory, and nodded in response before continuing down the hallway.

“So... its possible that we'll see our pony selves?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I don't think so,” Twilight replied. “Its more likely to be just environmental aspects, not living beings. Although...”

“Although what?” Applejack asked.

“It is possible that we will see entities based on those from Equestria.”

Sunset had a bad feeling as to what that meant. Before any further discussion could take place, Slimer cried out as a pair of skeletal Gryphons lunged at him. Acting quickly, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy blasted the offending beings with Proton Streams. While one was sent flying into a wall, the other actually fought to hold its ground, digging talons and claws into the floor while squawking in defiance. A blue stream soon struck the defiant one, freezing it in place as Twilight unleashed her Stasis Stream.

“Man I wish I had that,” Rainbow Dash said as she lifted the skeleton with her Capture Stream and pulled it into a newly deployed trap.

“I'll get right on that after we finish this,” Twilight replied as she blasted the second to allow Fluttershy to wrangle it. “I also had an idea for another attachment using Meson Particles.”

“Less technobabble, more busting!” Sunset said as she fought with another Gryphon that had appeared.

For what seemed like forever, the girls fought their way through groups of skeletal Equestrians, ranging from gryphons to ponies, until they finally came to something from City Hall itself. The elevators and stairwell. Before Rainbow Dash could push the button, Rarity opened the door to the stairs. When questioned by the athlete, Rarity explained that this level of alteration in the building could have compromised the Elevators. She had no intention of dieing in one if something failed. As soon as Rarity mentioned the possibility of dieing in a metal box, Rainbow Dash was already in the stairwell.

It seemed odd that the stairs were unaltered. Their hopes of just taking the stairs to the top floor, however, were dashed when they stopped only one floor up. They were forced to get off at the second floor, which looked like another region from Equestria. Sunset had a feeling that each floor had its own theme at this point, and the girls were being forced to go through each one like a level from a video game.

This continued as they went floor by floor, blasting anything that got in their way, until they managed to find an unaltered break room and took the chance to rest for a few minutes. Luck was with them, as Fluttershy discovered the fridge had some bottles of water. Applejack found some granola bars, and tossed one to each member of the team.

“You know... as much as I thought I'd enjoy seeing your home Sunset,” Rarity said before taking a drink. “Equestria is sure turning out to be quite dangerous.”

“And this is just a simulacrum of it,” Twilight spoke up. “The real one is probably worse.”

“Only in certain places,” Sunset defended her homeworld. “But the same can be said of Earth. While we haven't had a war in Equestria for... over a thousand years I think, Earth has had several in the last couple hundred years.”

“Well... when you put it that way... I guess we humans are a lot more violent...” Rarity sighed. “I'm still surprised you would choose our world over your own.”

“While I miss being a Pony, this is my home now,” Sunset said. “I can't change what I did, but... I can at least fight to protect what I care about in both worlds.”

With a smile, the girls raised their pilfered bottles in a toast. Protecting what they cared about was something anyone could relate to, no matter where you were from. And Sunset wouldn't admit it, but while it was true humans tended to be more violent than Ponies, there was always someone with the courage to take a stand against the darkness. And that was something Sunset actually admired. The White Knight riding into battle against evil. While she understood that war was hell, it was a necessary evil in this world. And stories of the courage of veterans would live on through time itself to inspire younger generations with their acts of heroism. Stories... that were very few and far between back in Equestria.

Ok... Sunset Shimmer had just determined that in some cases Equestria was actually boring. Then again... she wasn't up to date on current affairs either, especially with what Princess Twilight had said about being caught in some kind of time loop at one point.


“Have the Ghostbusters reported in?” the Mayor asked.

“Just about five minutes ago ma'am,” a police officer said as he looked up at the sky.


“Fifth floor, having to actually clear out each floor due to some kind of... they called it pocket dimension alteration?”

The Mayor had no idea what that meant, but figured that complications had come up. It didn't help that one of her aids was calling the brave girls scam artists and criminals. After fifteen minutes of this, the Mayor actually turned to face her aid.

“Peck... Shut up or your fired,” she said. “Those high school girls are risking their lives to save our city, and you're wanting to arrest them?”

“They are using unlicensed energy weapons! They are willfully destroying public property! They are...”



“You're fired.”


The girls got up to the sixth floor, just one floor away from their goal, and Sunset stopped in her tracks as she looked out at the transmogrified landscape that lay before them. She knew of this place. The one place in Equestria you did not want to be in. How Princess Twilight and her friends can live right next to such a place, Sunset didn't know. But now it was looking like the Ghostbusters were going to have to go through one of the most dangerous parts of Equestria.

The Everfree Forest.

Applejack noticed the change in Sunset and put a hand on her friend's shoulder, asking if she was alright. Sunset nodded, then explained that the Everfree Forest was very dangerous. She went on to describe some of the creatures that live in the Everfree, including Chimeras and Manticores. She was about to tell them about one particular thing when the girls all heard a howl in the distance. Everyone tightened their grip on their Neutrona Wands.

“What was that?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Sounded like... a wolf?” Fluttershy replied.

“Worse...” Sunset said. “Timberwolf.”

Sure enough, a creature emerged in the typical stalking posture. It looked like a wolf, but was much bigger and... made out of branches? The girls instantly jumped into action the minute the Timberwolf lunged at them. Scattering to keep from getting hit, they unleashed a barrage of Proton Streams in an effort to weaken the attacking creature. Applejack actually grabbed the Timberwolf's head with her Capture Stream and tried to pull it off like the last animator golem she fought. The problem was it wasn't working. The others started wrangling it with their own Capture Streams in an attempt to literally pull it apart.

“Its not working!” Twilight exclaimed as she pulled on one of the legs.

“Timberwolves aren't animator spirits!” Sunset replied as she did her best to hold the creature in place. “They're... complicated magic creatures!”

“So if we can't pull it apart how do we beat it?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“HULK SMASH!” Pinkie Pie yelled as she unleashed a Boson Dart into the Timberwolf's face.

Recoiling from the unexpected force of the attack, the Timberwolf reared up in the Capture Streams before getting blasted in the belly by a second Boson Dart. Catching on, Sunset released the Timberwolf and added her own Boson Darts to the assault. Soon, the Timberwolf broke apart under the concentrated fire. As the last pieces fell to the ground, Rainbow Dash looked around.

“Uh... I may not be the best at paying attention in class, but... aren't wolves usually... Pack Hunters?” the athlete asked.

The response was more howls in the distance. Applejack had a deadpan look on her face before slapping Rainbow Dash upside the head.

“Ya just had t' jinx it didn't ya!” the country girl protested.

“Back to back!” Sunset called out. “Concentrate fire with the Boson Darts! Alternate shots and venting when you can!”

The girls all got into a circle with their backs to each other, and opened fire on any Timberwolf that attacked them. Sunset's plan was to alternate to hit them faster, while allowing for a chance to vent the heat from the packs. While one person vents, another would be taking a shot. Timberwolf after Timberwolf came at them from the trees, only to get cut down by two to three Boson Darts. Only one was able to get past the onslaught and pounced on Fluttershy, only for Twilight to hit it with a Stasis Beam. Six Boson Darts later, the offending creature was a pile of burnt wood.

“We should keep moving,” Sunset said.

“Anythin' else we should worry 'bout?” Applejack asked.

“Not sure. Maybe parasprites, but generally they just eat anything edible and reproduce.”

“So... Tribbles,” Twilight replied.

“They can fly.”

Flying Tribbles.”

“I guess.”

As they continued towards the next stairwell, the girls found themselves under attack from pretty much everything Sunset had described. Even the parasprites, that behaved more like the swarmers they fought at the Library. Rarity's Proton Stream and Twilight's Shock Blast proved to be more than capable at dealing with the swarmers. The Manticores and Chimeras, however, were a bigger issue. It turned out though, that they were just as vulnerable to the Ghost Trap and tag team tactics. Even Slimer was helping when he could, distracting anything with slime and even taunting them, giving the girls an opening to blast away with the Proton Packs.

Eventually, the girls managed to make their way to the stairwell, only to have their progress blocked by three pony shaped forms in the mist.

“Hey! What gives?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“We cannot allow you to proceed,” one of the forms said before the trio emerged, revealing three Pegasi wearing some kind of dark themed flight suits.

“Well... you're not gonna stop us,” Rainbow Dash shot back.

The three Pegasi adopted a more aggressive posture that Sunset recognized as typical for winged Ponies. Head down, wings out, and legs braced and ready to kick off.

“We are the Shadowbolts,” the lead Pegasus declared. “And none shall pass us.”

“Sorry Darling,” Rarity said. “We've met the Shadowbolts. In fact, Twilight here used to be one.”

Slimer actually blew a raspberry at the Shadowbolts. Sunset knew that they had the advantage of numbers, but even one Pony could potentially match a group of humans in strength. And a Pegasus had the added advantage of wings for speed and agility.

The standoff continued for another minute before the Shadowbolts decided to strike first. Unlike the previous skeletal Ponies, the Shadowbolts were proving to be smarter and faster. They were driving the Ghostbusters back slowly but surely. It was obvious they were guarding the stairs leading up to the top floor. It wasn't until Slimer actually grabbed onto one of the Shadowbolts that they were finally able to make any progress. Seeing the ghost clinging to one of the Pegasi, Rainbow Dash turned her Neutrona Wand on it and unleashed a Proton Stream. As the Pegasus fought to break free, Rainbow Dash tossed her trap and started to pull the Shadowbolt closer.

“You remind me of that rainbow maned Pegasus Rainbow Dash!” the wrangled Pegasus spat.

“That's kinda funny,” the chromatic haired girl said with a smirk. “Because my name is Rainbow Dash!”

Caught off guard by that revelation, the Shadowbolt actually stopped fighting due to shock long enough for Rainbow Dash to pull it into range of the trap and hold it until it was sucked in. Rarity and Fluttershy were fighting with the second while Applejack was proving why she was the team's top wrangler with the third. The country girl's victim was struggling in her Capture Stream before getting slammed into the floor and even trees. Soon enough, Applejack added the second Shadowbolt to the trap. The third was soon caught in seven Capture Streams before Rainbow Dash kicked the trap underneath it. With a defiant cry, the last Shadowbolt was sucked into the trap. The doors closed and the trap chirped twice.

“Well... three in the box,” Rarity said, wiping a hand across her brow.

“Ready to go!” Pinkie Pie chirped.

“We be fast...” Rainbow Dash said as she picked up the trap.

“And they be slow!” all seven of them cheered with a smile.

“Good work girls,” Sunset said. “And you too Slimer.”

The victory celebration only lasted a moment though. They knew what was coming up. While it was a morale boost, they weren't done yet. There was just one more floor above them. And with it, the final battle that could very well determine the fate of the world.

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.13
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness

Chapter 12


She approached the Ritual Circle and looked out at the assembled members of the Cult of Eternal Night. Again, the so called Ghostbusters had disrupted their efforts. But now... the time had come to finish what the founders of the Cult began over a hundred years ago.

“Brothers and Sisters! While we have had many setbacks, we now stand upon the threshold! Destiny has smiled upon us! With what we have learned these last few days... I am confident that we shall summon the Goddess today! Today... the sun shines its last! The Eternal Night shall fall!”

The gathered Cultists cheered once. The leader held up a stone orb.

“With this artifact, the original Codex of Night, and the entirety of our Order... we shall prevail!”

With that, she placed the orb into the center of the Circle.

“Come! Let us welcome our Mistress to her new kingdom...”


Sunset Shimmer gave one last look at the trap that held Demon Sunset before inserting it into the Containment Unit and flushing her inside. Extracting the empty trap, the redhead stretched before putting the trap away and plopping down in a nearby chair.

The girls didn't go straight back to Canterlot High after the library. They had gotten milkshakes before going to Sweet Apple Acres to rest for a couple hours. There was just something about an apple farm that was relaxing. But Sunset knew that time was running out. They had to find that last Ritual Chamber and put an end to the threat of Nightmare Moon once and for all. But after the Library, they needed a break in the action.

Slimer looked up the stairs in confusion. Fluttershy noticed his expression and asked what was going on. The only response she got was Slimer pointing up the stairs. With a sigh, Fluttershy went up the stairs and opened the door. To her surprise, she found staff and students rushing outside.

“What's going on?” she managed to ask one of them.

“Don't know. Some kind of freaky light show!”

Alerting the other girls, Fluttershy ran out with them, still in her Ghostbusters jumpsuit. It wasn't long before all seven of them and Slimer were outside and gasping in shock.

There was a beam of energy lancing up into the sky from downtown Canterlot. Some sort of cloud formation was circling the beam, almost looking like some kind of localized storm. Both staff and students just watched in shock and confusion at what looked like something from a sci-fi movie. But for Sunset Shimmer and her friends, they had a bad feeling as to what it really was. The Cult of Eternal Darkness was performing a very powerful Summoning.

Suddenly, energy fell upon the Statue, destroying the repairs that were still being made since the Friendship Games, and engulfing the base that contained the portal. Sunset recoiled, bringing a hand up to shield her eyes.



“I'm glad you could make it out to Ponyville Princess Luna,” Twilight said with a bow.

“I should thank you for the invite to come and visit,” Princess Luna replied. “I do not get the chance to get out of Canterlot very often these days.”

As the two Alicorn Princesses walked down the hallway, the mirror that acted as a portal to the human world started to surge with power. Sensing the magical disturbance, both ponies ran to the chamber that housed the mirror and looked at the object in question. Arcs of purple energy were snaking around the mirror as if something was overloading it.

“Has this happened before Twilight?” Princess Luna asked.

“No... I've... never seen this kind of behavior before...” Twilight replied.

The energy suddenly erupted, opening the portal and unleashing a beam of energy. With reflexes honed from years of guardianship, despite the thousand years she spent on the moon in the interim, Princess Luna pushed Twilight out of the way and cast a shield spell to counter the blast. Twilight pushed herself back onto her hooves and looked on in shock as the Princess of the Night struggled to hold back the beam from the portal. Whatever was causing it was very powerful, able to match an Alicorn easily.

Or... actually overpower one. Princess Luna's shield failed and she was struck with the full force of the beam, slamming her into the opposite wall in the hallway and holding her there. Twilight tried to cast a shield spell, but her magic was nowhere near as powerful as Luna's and was instantly shattered every time she tried. But one thing she was able to determine was that there was something buried within the beam's energy. Something... familiar, yet at the same time not.

A dark shadow seemed to be extracted from Princess Luna and traveled along the beam back through the portal. Shortly after that, the assault ceased, and the portal once again looked like it had just the other day.

Rushing over to check on Princess Luna, Twilight called out for Spike.

“Are you alright?” Twilight asked.

“I... I believe so,” Princess Luna replied. “I... have never felt such power before...”

“Twilight! What... Princess Luna?” Spike said the little dragon ran around the corner.

“Spike! Send a letter to Princess Celestia right away!” Twilight said as she looked back at the mirror.

“And... what do you want me to say?” Spike asked as he noticed Princess Luna's condition.

“She needs to come to Ponyville right away.”

After one final check of Princess Luna, Twilight ran back into the mirror chamber and grabbed the journal that she used to power the portal.

“Where are you going?” Spike asked as he came in.

“Whatever that... attack was... it came through the portal. I have to know what's going on,” Twilight said as she magically lifted the journal and placed it in the device. With the flip of a switch, the portal was open. Before Spike could say anything else, the Princess of Friendship was already through.

“I hate it when I feel like I'm missing something...” Spike sighed. “Now where did I leave that paper...”


Human World

“Well... ah swear that statue never catches a break...” Applejack deadpanned after the energy dissipated. The beam going up into the sky over downtown Canterlot, however, was still present.

Sunset narrowed her eyes as she looked out over the city. Her hands clenched into fists before turning to face her fellow Wondercolts, both normal students and Ghostbusters alike. But before she could say anything, a familiar figure came flying out of the portal. Tumbling to a stop in front of Flash Sentry, was Princess Twilight Sparkle. Helping his crush up to her feet, Flash gave the inter-dimensional traveler a warm smile.

“Uh... Hi Flash... kinda... don't have time right now,” Princess Twilight said before finding Sunset. The redhead looked over at her as soon as she felt her hand on her shoulder.

“Twilight...” Sunset started to say.

“What's going on?” the princess asked. “Why... is there an energy beam that looks a lot like what struck Princess Luna coming from the city?”

“Wait, WHAT?!”

Sunset grabbed Princess Twilight by the shoulders and asked what she meant by Princess Luna being struck. The princess explained that she had invited Luna over to her castle for a visit since Luna hardly ever got out of Canterlot, then was apparently struck by some kind of beam from the portal, which doesn't make since since it was supposed to be closed at the time....

Groaning, Sunset let go of Princess Twilight and facepalmed.

“Its starting...” she said.

“What?” Princess Twilight asked.

“The Cult of Eternal Night's endgame,” Sci-Twi replied.

Sunset took a deep breath before turning to her friends.

“Girls... get your gear,” she said. “Applejack, bring the Ecto-Van out front. Pinkie... Code Red.”

Pinkie Pie gasped in total shock, her eyes shrinking in the process before jumping up into the air.

“CODE RED!” she yelled before bolting back into the school. “CODE RED! CODE RED!”

The other girls, sans Applejack, followed, but Sunset was stopped by Princess Twilight. Sunset explained that they had found out more about what was going on. A Cult was actively trying to summon Nightmare Moon to Earth. In total shock at the news, Princess Twilight immediately volunteered to help, but Sunset held up a hand.

“Twilight,” the redhead said. “I'm happy you want to help... but this is our fight. I want you to stay here and make sure nothing goes through that portal.”

“You're going to need my help!”

The Ecto-Van pulled up, and Pinkie jumped in carrying two Proton Packs, still yelling CODE RED every few seconds. The other girls followed suit, with Rainbow Dash handing Sunset her Proton Pack. The former Unicorn smiled and put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

“We'll be fine Twilight. But I really do need you here. But if we... if we don't come back... find a way to destroy the portal or seal it forever.”

“But... you...”

“I am asking you to protect our home Twilight. Equestria's fate is more important than one mare's life.”

With a smile, Sunset Shimmer pulled Twilight into a hug before running to join her friends in the Ecto-Van. Shortly after that, they sped off down the street with lights and sirens blaring. Slimer was hanging onto the rear light bar with both hands as he tagged along. Twilight watched them go, actually feeling afraid for her friends when another hand came down on her shoulder.

“I believe they can do it Twilight,” Principal Celestia said. “Have faith.”

“I hope you're right...” Twilight sighed. After a moment she ran inside the school. One of the wonders of the human world was something called Television. If she couldn't be there, she could at least find out what was happening. Turning on the first TV she found, Twilight discovered a news report in progress.

“It is total pandemonium here in downtown Canterlot!” the reporter said as the camera panned up. “As you can see, some sort of... energy... is erupting from the top floor of City Hall. More ghosts like the ones that have been plaguing the city for the last few weeks have been swarming the entire area. Innocent bystanders are being assaulted, and first responders are powerless to do anything about this event. Right now the only question on everyone's mind is 'where are the Ghostbusters?'”


“Radio's goin' crazy!” Applejack said as they barreled down the street. “Police, paramedics, fire, hell... even National Guard are all tryin' t' figure out what t' do!”

“That was a fast response from the Guard,” Rarity said.

“So this is it huh?” Rainbow Dash said as she checked her gear. “Endgame.”

“I'm scared,” Fluttershy admitted.

Sunset took a deep breath. She was scared too. But this was their home. And she was going to fight for it with every last ounce of strength she had. Looking around the van, Sunset took note of her friends state of mind.

Rarity was actually looking at a picture of her family, quietly saying that she would do everything in her power to keep the monsters away from her little sister.

Rainbow Dash was looking out the front windshield, her face an unreadable mask. Sunset was pretty sure that the chromatic haired athlete was praying to any deity that would listen to give her the strength to face this threat head on, in typical Rainbow Dash fashion of course.

Fluttershy had her eyes closed, fighting to hold back tears. The poor girl was scared out of her mind, but was not going to back down. Her friends needed her, and she was going to see this through to the end. Whatever end that may be.

Pinkie Pie was holding the Neutrona Wand of her Proton Pack as if it was a sword, quietly quoting some lines from a movie. It took Sunset a minute to recognize it as the words of an oath or something from The 13th Warrior, speaking of seeing her ancestors calling out to them from Valhalla. Leave it to Pinkie to reference a movie at a time like this.

Applejack's hands were gripping the steering wheel tight, and in the rear view mirror, Sunset could see a look of determination. She was going to fight to the end to protect her home and family.

Twilight Sparkle had a neutral expression, but it was obvious she was just as on edge as the rest of the team. This was going to be the ultimate test of the equipment she had put together. Not only that... the fate of the world could very well hang on how well she designed and built everything.

“Celestia watch over us all,” Sunset said as she closed her eyes for a moment.

After what felt like forever, the van came to a stop. Police sirens could be heard outside, along with various other, more ominous sounds. Climbing out, the girls got their Proton Packs on and looked up at the chaos that was City Hall. Slimer flew over by the group and looked on with wide eyes. In a way this was reminding him of what happened in New York years ago. Sunset drew her Neutrona Wand.

“Heat 'em up girls,” she said. “One way or another... this ends today.”

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.12
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.

Chapter 11

Darkness Within

Twilight wasn't able to finish her new attachment. A little less than a week due to complications, and her pack was the only one that had everything set up other than the emitter attachment when a call came in. Canterlot Library was being overrun by Ghosts. Innocent people were being attacked, and it was general chaos. As the girls suited up, Twilight grabbed the last component of the new attachment and pocketed it. Might come in handy. One detail she added into the Proton Packs was a modular design. New attachments were pretty much plug and play once the initial modifications were complete.

She understood that they would have had to deal with the Library, but they were hoping to be able to go in a bit more prepared.

As they pulled into the parking lot of the Library, Sunset again checked her own pack. Everyone was pretty nervous about this one. Even Pinkie Pie wasn't bouncing in anticipation as much as usual. Rarity pulled out her PKE Meter and got a big hit, and they weren't even inside yet!

“Heat 'em up girls,” Sunset said after taking a deep breath. Seven activated Proton Packs later, they entered the Library and met with the head Librarian. After getting the full story, and getting the all clear to proceed, the girls split up. The plan was to divide and conquer. Cover more ground, catch anything ghostly that got in their way, and locate the hidden Ritual Chamber.

As the first Proton Streams started to fly, the girls didn't notice that their arrival hadn't gone unnoticed. A Cultist narrowed his eyes before retreating to report in.


Rarity was following her PKE Meter, with Rainbow Dash in tow. Her plan was to go to the archive section and look up an original floor plan of the Library. A few times they encountered small entities that just dispersed when struck with a Proton Stream, but nothing major yet.

“You know Rarity,” Rainbow Dash said. “I'm surprised you're even doing this at all. Not exactly a clean job.”

“If there is anything I can do to help I'll do it,” Rarity replied. “Besides... we already know these jumpsuits are slime resistant.”

“Yea... but your hair isn't.”

“I've accepted that there are certain risks in this profession. Although I do hope not to make a career out of this after we graduate High School.”

Another set of Swarmers shot out of a shelf, and Rarity zapped them with her Proton Pack. While there were a lot of them, they weren't that smart. Didn't take long for the fashionable member of the team to figure out they would follow each other like lemmings, and put a Proton Stream in their path.

“Nice shootin' Tex,” Rainbow Dash wisecracked before dealing with another group of Swarmers. “Is it just me, or are we running into a larger variety of baddies as we go?”

“According to Tobin's Spirit Guide, I'd have to agree,” Rarity said. “Swarmers, Animators, actual Ghosts... Things certainly are escalating.”

“How often do you read that thing?”

“Digital copy on my Tablet. Know your enemy and all that Darling.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes as she blasted apart an animated light fixture that had taken offense to their existence. With everything that had happened, the resident athlete was again thankful to have her friends by her side. When they were together, there really wasn't anything they couldn't do. With a nod to Rarity, the pair continued on their way.



Applejack dove for cover as the Animator created bookcase golem slammed the ground where she had just been standing. Fluttershy was sniping from a distance with the Proton Stream with short controlled bursts in an effort to get its attention, while Twilight Sparkle was doing her best to try and restrain it with a Capture Stream.

“Twi! Let me handle the wranglin'!” Applejack called out as she again rolled out of the way. “Fluttershy! This ain't no time t' be gentle! Let 'er rip!”

The pink haired girl nodded and unleashed a sustained Proton Stream into the golem's torso. Twilight soon joined the assault as soon as she had an opening. One thing they learned from studying Tobin's Spirit Guide was that most golems had some kind of node that, when removed, would render the construct inert and generally cause it to collapse. Applejack was honestly amazed at how detailed that book was. While the two girls were tearing into the torso, Applejack climbed up on top of a table and aimed at the golem's head. Switching on the Capture Stream, Applejack roped her target and started to pull straight up. With the extra energy going into her Capture Stream, it certainly made things like this easier. While the head was resisting, she could feel it start to give. With a pulse of extra energy, Applejack slammed the head up into the ceiling.

“An' that's why ya shoulda quit while you were a... head,” the country girl wisecracked as she watched the golem collapse into its component parts.

“That was a pretty strong one...” Fluttershy noted as she walked over.

“There has to be a Ritual Chamber here,” Twilight said.

“Well... one down... more to go,” Applejack said as she pushed her hat up a bit.

“I wonder if we can get paid for this...” Twilight trailed off.

As Twilight checked her PKE Meter, Applejack vented her pack to prepare for the next round. This was proving to be more of a challenge than Crystal Prep. Sunset was right. The Cult was ramping things up. And she wanted to shut them down before anyone else was hurt.


“Watch the sides!” Sunset called out as she and Pinkie Pie came under attack from two very angry Ghost Librarians.

“WEEEEEE! Can't catch me!” Pinkie exclaimed as she bounced around, frustrating the ghosts as they tried to hit her. Sunset threw her trap into the center of the area before unleashing a Proton Stream at the closest one. After a moment to sap its energy, the Capture Stream kicked in and Sunset was fighting to pull the spirit into range of her Trap. Pinkie fired off a couple Boson Darts before performing a wall kick move and unleashing a Proton Stream herself.

While Pinkie kept the one spirit busy, Sunset growled as she fought with her own target. Even slamming it into the floor a couple times didn't seem to phase it as much as she would have liked. After she heard Pinkie dispose of her ghost, a second Capture Stream latched on and together the two girls pulled it into the trap.

“Hey you guys were pretty good!” Pinkie chirped as she picked up the trap. “NOT!”

Sunset couldn't help but smile. It was times like this that made Sunset Shimmer feel like they were actually making a difference. Every little victory felt like one step closer to the endgame. But the question was... what was it? Was it stopping the Cult of Eternal Night, or a showdown with Nightmare Moon herself?

They had to find the Ritual Chamber and shut it down, and fast. Sunset had a feeling that even if the Cultists failed in their summoning, they would use the unleashed spirits to wreak havoc all over Canterlot in an effort to overwhelm them. The fewer Chambers in action, the better. They just needed to find them first.

“Rarity here. I think I got something.”

“What'cha got?” Sunset asked into her radio.

“Sending it to your phones now. I think I found the Ritual Chamber in the floor plans. Back wall, east wing.”

“That's where we are,” Applejack spoke up. “We'll look around an' hold until y'all get here.”

“Good idea. This time we're hitting it together in case the Cultists have any tricks.”

After getting affirmative responses from everyone, Sunset quickly checked her phone before determining that she and Pinkie were in the west wing of the Library. With a sigh, Sunset started for the door.


Twilight poked at her PKE Meter as she waited for everyone to arrive. They managed to find a door hidden behind another bookshelf, and had moved it out of the way. What bothered her though was she thought she could hear chanting coming from the door. If that was true, then they were actually going to disrupt a summoning ritual in progress. She had no idea what they were going to do about the Cultists themselves. Ghosts they could handle, but human beings? Sunset and Pinkie were the last to arrive, having been on the opposite side of the Library, and the group checked over their gear one last time. Twilight actually brushed a hand against her pocket before taking a deep breath.

“Here goes nothin',” Applejack said as she opened the door. Now they could hear chanting clearly.

“Crap... that's gonna be a problem,” Rainbow Dash said. “What do we do?”

“Usual plan,” Sunset said. “Make it up as we go.”

With a nod and a group fist bump, the girls entered the stairway and went down into the Library Ritual Chamber. Unlike at Crystal Prep, this one was deeper and larger. Sunset took cover as soon as she saw the robed figures surrounding an active Circle. They seemed oblivious to the presence of the Ghostbusters. The redhead cringed as she watched a spirit emerge and just fly up into the ceiling. One more Ghost to track down later...

“Ah... the pests have arrived.”

The girls looked at each other before coming out of hiding with Proton Packs ready. While the Cultists around the Circle ignored them, one Cultist holding a book walked around the chanters and confronted them. While Sunset couldn't make anything out due to the robes, the voice was clearly male.

“You cannot stop the Eternal Night,” the Cultist said.

“Well... y'all might wanna clear out, 'cuz we got yer eviction notices right here,” Applejack countered, lifting her Neutrona Wand for emphasis.

“Charming... you children think you're heroes,” the Cultist scoffed as he opened the book. “Lets see how brave you are... fighting the darkness in your souls!”

With a hand extended towards the Ritual Circle, the Cultist started calling out a spell. Magic energy actually started to form in his outstretched hand before he thrust it out towards the Ghostbusters. As the girls dove for cover, Sunset and Twilight seemed to seize up. Rainbow Dash turned and gasped at the sight of two of her friends being pulled up into the air against their will.

Her body felt like it was on fire. Back in Equestria Sunset could have cast a counterspell, but here in the Human World there was no such thing. She still wasn't even sure how these Cultists were able to wield magic themselves. Next to her, Twilight was convulsing in the air as if something was being ripped out of her. The pain finally reached a point that Sunset couldn't help but cry out... and the next thing she knew she was flat on her face at the far end of the Chamber with Rarity checking to make sure she was alright. Twilight was being helped up by Fluttershy.

Pushing herself up to her knees, Sunset shook her head before she heard something that made her stop in her tracks.

“Feels good to be free again,” someone said in Sunset's own voice.

“I would have to agree with you,” another voice said, sounding like Twilight. “Being suppressed like that...”

“Oh you have got to be KIDDING ME!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in shock.

Sunset got to her feet, turned around, and the blood drained from her face. Floating in the air in front of the Cultist, was... Sunset Shimmer. But it was the demon form she had taken on after wearing the Element of Magic. Next to her was none other than Midnight Sparkle. Taking a quick glance to her side to confirm Twilight was still here, Sunset actually took a step back. This must have been what the Cultist meant by the darkness in their souls. He wanted to try and force the girls to fight each other. But instead, the spell locked onto the two who had the most exposure to magic and had actually been corrupted by it.

“Throw 'em!” Applejack called out before unleashing a Proton Stream at Demon Sunset. The others soon followed suit, aiming for either Demon Sunset or Midnight Sparkle. The second the shooting started, the Cultists actually got smart and ran. The two dark manifestations, however, held their ground and actually countered the Proton Streams.

“Interesting,” Midnight Sparkle said. “Proton Accelerators. Designed to sap negative energy. I'm impressed.”

“At least they're putting up an actual fight this time,” Demon Sunset growled as she shot a fireball at the group. Sunset took cover, but was shaken by all this. Her past had come back to haunt her! She had been afraid of what might happen if her dark side returned. Now... it was actively trying to kill her and her friends.

Her friends.

The very people who helped turn her life around. Without them, there's no telling what would have happened to her.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes for a moment, Sunset Shimmer stood up.

“Oh... finally joining the fight Sunset?” Demon Sunset taunted. “I thought you were afraid I'd come back.”

“I was,” Sunset admitted before opening her eyes. The redhead had a look of pure determination. “I was afraid of my past. Afraid of you. No more.”

“Oh how cute. You're going to fight me without magic?”

“I don't need magic to beat you.”

Gritting her teeth, Sunset unleashed a Proton Stream at her dark half. Caught off guard by the sudden attack, Demon Sunset was sent on the defensive.

Rarity tried blasting Midnight Sparkle while Fluttershy deployed a trap, only for both girls to get slammed into each other with magic.

“A Muon Containment Device?” Midnight Sparkle said as she examined the trap. “Interesting. A scientific countermeasure to a magical threat. I'll enjoy studying the outcome of this.”

With a wave of her hand, Midnight Sparkle sent the trap flying back towards the girls before unleashing a wave of dark energy. Rarity and Fluttershy scrambled out of the way, unsure what to do now.

Twilight Sparkle just found a corner to hide in and covered her head with her arms. Ever since the Friendship Games, she had nightmares of losing control and turning into Midnight Sparkle again. Now her nightmare was real. She was powerless to fight against the corrupted being now terrorizing her friends. She could hear them desperately trying to fight. But without magic...

“Twilight! Get up!”

“I can't Kylie.”

“Yes you can!”

“I can't fight her! She's too strong!”

“You can fight her Twilight! Your friends need you!”

“I'm scared!”

“I know. But you are a Ghostbuster. This is what we do. When things go bump in the night, we bump back. You're stronger than her. Get your butt up and prove it to her!”

Twilight shifted, and felt a weight in her pocket. Reaching in, she pulled out the emitter attachment for her Proton Pack. It was then that Twilight realized something. It wasn't strength of power that mattered. It was adaptability. Midnight Sparkle was rigid, only interested in gaining knowledge at any cost. But there was a difference between knowledge and wisdom. And Midnight Sparkle didn't have wisdom.

She knew what she had to do now. Face her fear. Twilight took the attachment and clamped it around the Neutrona Wand's emitter before cocking it back and establishing a connection. Pressing a couple buttons on the attachment activated the dormant parts of her Proton Pack, extending small arms from the top and sides that started to glow blue. The Exotic Particle “Dark Matter” Generator was active. Time for a trial by fire.

The Exotic Particle Generator modified the existing Proton Pack's firing cycle, changing the primary firing mode from a stream into essentially a shotgun blast. The secondary mode replaced the Capture Stream with a stream of exotic particles that should interact with an entity's ectoplasm in such a way as to essentially emulate subzero temperatures to inhibit movement or even immobilize entirely. And the best part was, it wasn't a total trade off. You could switch between the Dark Matter and normal operation. With a nod, Twilight came out of her corner.

“Leave my friends alone!” she yelled, attracting Midnight Sparkle's attention. The corrupted entity ceased her attacks on Rarity and Fluttershy and floated towards Twilight.

“You have no friends,” Midnight taunted. “Without me, you're nothing but a weak, isolated girl.”

“Not anymore,” Twilight said defiantly.

“Kylie can't help you this time Twilight. I will remove all obstacles that stand between me and the knowledge I crave. Even you.”

Midnight Sparkle brought her hand up, and unleashed a bolt of dark energy. Jumping to the side with all the grace of a brick, Twilight retaliated with a Shock Blast. Caught off guard by the difference in weaponry, Midnight Sparkle recoiled and tried to assess the threat level of this unknown variable. Taking advantage of the situation, Twilight fired the secondary mode. A stream of blue energy with a black core lanced out and struck the corrupted entity. The effect was immediate, as what actually looked like ice started to form on Midnight Sparkle's body. The shocked entity just looked at Twilight and cried out in rage at this unexpected variable.

“What... is... this?” she demanded.

“Simply an Exotic Particle Generator attachment I developed for the Proton Packs,” Twilight said with confidence as she kept up the pressure. “Basically... while you were created from my darker tendencies, you are not me now. You're made of Ectoplasm. And my theory was just proven correct. Dark Matter can affect Ectoplasmic entities like yourself.”

Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie came over and started blasting Midnight Sparkle with Proton Streams, and soon had a hold of her. Twilight tossed out a trap before switching modes and adding her own Capture Stream.

“You... you can't destroy me!” Midnight Sparkle protested. “I am a part of you!”

“Yes,” Twilight replied as she pulled Midnight closer. “I acknowledge you exist. I'll have to live with you for the rest of my life. But you will never control me.”

With that, the four girls working together pulled Midnight Sparkle into range of the Ghost Trap and triggered it. While Midnight Sparkle did fight, Twilight couldn't help but notice there was actually a hint of a smile on the corrupted entity's face as she was pulled in. Not a devious smile. An honest one.

Twilight Sparkle grew a backbone and faced her fears. The very thing that helped spawn Midnight Sparkle in the first place.

Demon Sunset was proving to be just as much of a handful as the first time around. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were doing what they could to limit the entity's movements, but she was too fast. Sunset growled as she again tried to get a bead on her dark half. Just as Demon Sunset was about to launch an attack, she was struck by a Boson Dart from off to the side. Turning to glare at the offending source of the attack, Demon Sunset blinked in surprise. The other girls had overpowered Midnight Sparkle and were joining the fight.

“What's the matter?” Sunset taunted. “Can't take us all on at once?”

“Psh,” Demon Sunset scoffed. “Without Twilight's magic to Orbital Friendship Cannon my tail, you can't stop me.”

“And like I said,” Sunset responded. “I don't need magic to stop you!”

“Face it Sunny! I am you! I am what makes you who you are! Without me you're nothing!

“Yea... you are a part of me. But you're a part I don't need anymore!”

Six Proton Streams lanced out and struck Demon Sunset before grabbing her limbs and wings. For some reason, Pinkie Pie was chanting what sounded like “Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao”. Sunset tossed her trap and stood there with a defiant look on her face as she leveled her Neutrona Wand at her past.

“Take a good look Sunset,” Sunset said. “I'm stronger than you because of my friends. Something you will never understand. When we're together, anything is possible!”

“Even if you trap me in that box,” Demon Sunset snarled. “You will never be rid of me!”

“At least I'll sleep better knowing you're in the box.”

With that, Sunset triggered her own Proton Stream and pulled Demon Sunset in. Then, just to add insult to injury, Sunset Shimmer slam dunked her dark half into the trap.

“You mo... what?” Rainbow Dash asked as she looked at the party girl.

“Its a Chi Spell!” Pinkie Pie chirped. “Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao! It means 'Spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, quickly leave.'”

“Ah ain't gonna even bother tryin' t' figure you out Pinkie,” Applejack drawled after taking a deep breath. Everyone couldn't help but laugh.

Sunset smiled as she picked up the trap that contained Demon Sunset. It felt good to put that fear to rest. She actually felt like she could truly move on now. Looking over at Twilight, Sunset had a feeling she too could move on.

“Alright girls,” Sunset finally said. “Lets wreck this chamber and go home. Milkshakes on me.”

“YEA! MILKSHAKES!” Pinkie exclaimed before getting to work.

“You're going to regret that Sunset,” Rainbow Dash said as she hiked a thumb at Pinkie Pie.

“Yea... I'm already starting to,” Sunset laughed.

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.11
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.
Want to wish everyone a Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

Project Status:

Sunset's Adventures: Need to get my writing mojo back to continue on the backlog of screenshots.
Ghostbuster Girls: Writing long finished. Spacing out posting of chapters.
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The Old Man's Back in Town
The Sunset's Adventures crew celebrating another Christmas with special guest Santa Claus! Even Spike is getting to enjoy a little holiday cheer. Sci-Twi and DJ Pon3 are handling some of the lighting.

And pretty sure they're doing a cover of Garth Brooks' Christmas song "The Old Man's Back in Town".


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