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Fighting Evil through the Galaxy :iconrattler20200:Rattler20200 10 2 Squad 7: Sunset Detachment :iconrattler20200:Rattler20200 7 0 Discovery :iconrattler20200:Rattler20200 2 0 Demon in the Distance :iconrattler20200:Rattler20200 3 0
Ghostbuster Girls Ch.15
Chapter 15
All eyes in Canterlot High's Auditorium were glued to the news report. Principal Celestia had managed to convince everyone to get back inside, and was using a projector to screen the news in hopes of seeing what happened.
“No...” Princess Twilight gasped as they watched the top of City Hall just explode.
“I.... are we still rolling?”
“Yea... I'm alright. You?”
“Yea... As... as you can see... the entire top floor of City Hall has just erupted into a fireball. Whatever happened, it appears that the energy that had been flowing up into the sky has stopped. Paramedics and Firefighters are moving in now to check for survivors.”
The top floor of City Hall was all but destroyed. The entire roof had been blown clean off, and everything was buried in wreckage.
A pile of debris shifted, before a blue hand shot up, followed by a very roughed up looking Rainbow Dash.
“Are we dead?” she as
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.14
Chapter 14
I'm Not Afraid
Seventh Floor: Housewares, Evil Godlike Entities... a ruined castle in the middle of a forest?
The group emerged from the stairwell and found themselves in front of ruins. Sunset instantly recognized the significance of this. The ancient Castle of the Two Sisters. The site of a battle between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon. And according to Princess Twilight, the site of a battle between Nightmare Moon and the Element Bearers after her return. The irony of the top floor taking on such a form wasn't lost on her.
While they were still inside City Hall, the dimensional instability had made it seem as though the area was much larger. There were still some signs of the original building, but the higher up they went, the more distorted it became until they hit the Everfree Forest floor, where the only evidence they were still in a building was the occasional desk. Now here on the top floor, it didn't even have that. It was a full on Dimensional Transfig
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.13
Chapter 13
Battle of Canterlot
After speaking with the first responders who were on scene, the girls approached the front door of City Hall. Slimer was staying with them, determined to help in any way he can. Any civilians they find would be sent out for the paramedics to treat. Luckily the Mayor was already out of the building. While she was naturally concerned about everything, Sunset reassured her that they would do everything in their power to end it. She also said that they weren't going to hold back, and property damage was pretty much a guarantee. But stopping what could be the apocalypse was more important than desks and chairs that can be easily replaced.
“Anyone got something profound to say before we walk into a war?” Sunset asked as she put a hand on the door.
“Just an Ancient Egyptian blessing...” Twilight said.
“And that is?” Rainbow Dash asked.
“May God stand between you and harm in all the dark places you must walk.”
The g
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.12
Chapter 12
She approached the Ritual Circle and looked out at the assembled members of the Cult of Eternal Night. Again, the so called Ghostbusters had disrupted their efforts. But now... the time had come to finish what the founders of the Cult began over a hundred years ago.
“Brothers and Sisters! While we have had many setbacks, we now stand upon the threshold! Destiny has smiled upon us! With what we have learned these last few days... I am confident that we shall summon the Goddess today! Today... the sun shines its last! The Eternal Night shall fall!”
The gathered Cultists cheered once. The leader held up a stone orb.
“With this artifact, the original Codex of Night, and the entirety of our Order... we shall prevail!”
With that, she placed the orb into the center of the Circle.
“Come! Let us welcome our Mistress to her new kingdom...”
Sunset Shimmer gave one last look at the trap that held Demon Sunset before inserting it into the
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.11
Chapter 11
Darkness Within
Twilight wasn't able to finish her new attachment. A little less than a week due to complications, and her pack was the only one that had everything set up other than the emitter attachment when a call came in. Canterlot Library was being overrun by Ghosts. Innocent people were being attacked, and it was general chaos. As the girls suited up, Twilight grabbed the last component of the new attachment and pocketed it. Might come in handy. One detail she added into the Proton Packs was a modular design. New attachments were pretty much plug and play once the initial modifications were complete.
She understood that they would have had to deal with the Library, but they were hoping to be able to go in a bit more prepared.
As they pulled into the parking lot of the Library, Sunset again checked her own pack. Everyone was pretty nervous about this one. Even Pinkie Pie wasn't bouncing in anticipation as much as usual. Rarity pulled out her PKE Meter and got a big hit
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The Old Man's Back in Town :iconrattler20200:Rattler20200 5 0
Ghostbuster Girls Ch.10
Chapter 10
We're about to get very busy...
“They destroyed our Ritual Chamber!”
“I can see that.”
“This cannot be allowed to...”
“A setback only.”
The hooded figure turned to face the leader of the Cult of Eternal Night.
“Setback? These children not only disrupted our efforts, they destroyed a Ritual Chamber and took the Codex!” he protested.
A Codex,” the leader replied. “Those who came before us had enough foresight to make two copies. I happen to possess the original.”
“Still... these... upstarts must be taught a lesson!”
“And they will. Take some of our members to the Canterlot Library and begin the summoning. Even if you fail, more spirits will enter our world. They will distract these so called Ghostbusters. I will take the original Codex to City Hall.”
The leader turned, revealing for a moment a more feminine figure under the robes.
“If the Ghostbuster
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.9
Chapter 9
Throw 'em if ya got 'em
Rarity entered the Security Office of Crystal Prep, and could do nothing but gape in awe. It was pretty clear they spared no expense for this set up. Shaking her head, Rarity cleared off a nearby table and set her trap down on it before turning to the Shadowbolts.
“I need you girls to get into the Ecto-Van and grab every Ghsot Trap in there. They look like the box on the table,” she said, pointing at the Trap. “I need to get set up, and... probably connect to the school's wi-fi.”
“I'll stay and help you set up,” Lemon Zest said as she moved over to the main console.
After a few minutes, the rest of the Shadowbolts came back with the Traps, and Sunny Flare actually had Rarity's laptop as well. She said that she figured Rarity might need it. With a nod, Rarity accepted the laptop before setting it down and opening it up. She also put on a modified stock X-Box headset as she looked over the camera views. A few minutes l
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.8
Chapter 8
Who you Gonna Call?
News had spread all over town about not only the ghosts, but what many have unofficially called the Ghostbuster Girls. Word have even reached Crystal Prep Academy.
Five particular Shadowbolts were walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria. Sunny Flare had a newspaper and was reading an article when all five girls heard something and looked up. Floating in front of them was a ghost in a suit that seemed to be regarding the girls with contempt. Indigo Zap just raised an eyebrow as if she was sizing it up. Lemon Zest... just rolled her eyes and went back to listening to her music. The last few days, Crystal Prep had had a few... incidents, but nothing major. Then again, Principal Cinch had ignored any comment on the matter at all, saying it was a distraction from their studies.
The ghost locked on to Lemon Zest as the girl brought a hand to her headphones and charged at her. The other four dove for cover, but Lemon Zest, totally engrossed in her music, h
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.7
Chapter 7
Helloooooo Canterlot!
AKA: Never piss off Pinkie
On a corner in downtown Canterlot, some kids walked up to an Ice Cream Truck. They had some money and were eager to get some Ice Cream.
What they got was a fire hose of Slime to the face, squealing tires, and no Ice Cream.
It had been about a week since the successful test of the Proton Pack. With help from other students at Canterlot High, the girls were setting up shop in the Bomb Shelter. Twilight was supervising the installation of the brand new Ghost Containment Unit, so she wouldn't have to constantly make new traps. The GCU could store any Ghosts they trap, in theory, allowing them to actually empty the traps safely.
The van got a total makeover. White paint job, Ghostbusters symbol on the side, emergency lights and siren, a few do dads to help track ghosts... in short, it was now the Ecto-Van. Complete with Ecto-Van license plates. Rainbow Dash's contact really was a Miracle Worker.
Rarity had not only made t
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.6
Chapter 6
New Toys
For the last couple days, Twilight Sparkle had been working almost non stop to finish the Prototype. The girls had actually stayed over at her place, mostly to make sure she actually eats and sleeps. Rarity's hair wasn't as perfect as usual, showing she had been almost as serious about the research as Twilight was with her work. Rainbow Dash had actually gone upstairs to get something to eat, and caught Rarity buried in research. The fashion girl had several bags of M&Ms on the table next to her, a couple already empty, a bottle of Coke, and it looked like she was actually using those glasses she wore when working on clothes as a makeshift hairband to keep her hair out of her face. Also she was positive she heard that music Rarity was listening to in a movie.
“Well... I'm sure you did. Akira Ifukube's work was in quite a few Godzilla movies,” Rarity had defended herself.
“You and Godzilla movies?” Rainbow Dash a
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Ghostbuster Girls Ch.5
Chapter 5
Reflection and Development
It was pretty clear she was stalling at this point. Sunset Shimmer had gone through her backpack five times now to make sure she had everything she needed. She had already sent a message back via journal to have Princess Twilight open the portal, so all that needed to be done was for Sunset to step through. The girls all gathered around their friend as she fidgeted with the zipper once again. Twilight stepped forward and actually offered the camcorder that she had used at Ponyville Elementary.
“Just in case pictures alone aren't enough,” she said. “Might convince this Princess Celestia that its real.”
“Thanks,” Sunset said with a smile as she took the camera and stuck it in her backpack.
“I'll see what I can dig up on Ponyville Elementary, and see if there's any connection with other locations around town,” Rarity spoke up.
“And I'll finish work on my prototype,” Twilight added.
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Ok... I think I'm gonna try something totally off the wall here. Something I've seen some other artists do.

I am opening up the shop for questions. They can be about my stories, my Garry's Mod stuff... hell... even the stamps and Frankenstein C&C sprites I made out of Advance Wars units. Although I would love to get some feedback on my stories...

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Fighting Evil through the Galaxy
The Stargate Initiative's flagship team, EG-1, ready to fight the Tlak'khan threat.

Team members:
Sunset Shimmer: Team Leader
Rainbow Dash: Scout
Applejack: Resource Officer
Vinyl Scratch: Science Officer (Acoustic specialization)
Squad 7: Sunset Detachment
A little bit of fun inspired by Valkyria Chronicles. But since I don't have anything like anti-tank Lances... I settled for World War II weapons. So... we have the Equestria Girls representing different classes from Squad 7.

Sunset Shimmer: Scout class, M1 Garand
Twilight Sparkle: Engineer class, M1 carbine
Rainbow Dash: Shocktrooper class, Thompson SMG
Applejack: Sniper class, Springfield sniper rifle
Rarity: Sniper class, Springfield sniper rifle
Pinkie Pie: Lancer class, Bazooka
Fluttershy: Medic
In the desert of Saddle Arabia, a long forgotten artifact is discovered. But what Daring Do doesn't know is that this discovery will open a door that may very well have been better left closed.

Their world will never be the same after the discovery of... the Stargate.


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