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United States
Current Residence: Washington State, USA
Favourite genre of music: Country. (Not the old stuff either)
Operating System: Win 7
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Skin of choice: Female Trill?
Favourite cartoon character: Miles "Tails" Prower
Personal Quote: Say wha?
Short version: I got the season 1 theme to the anime GATE stuck in my head.
Long version: Was introduced to GATE at Sakura Con, and liked it. Eventually found the full version of the opening theme and now... its stuck in my head even though its in Japanese and I have no idea what the words mean. lol

In other news, I actually made some bios for Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the team for my continuing Garry's Mod shenanigans. Will be posting those as well as the rest of the backlog of screenshots I've taken. Also, I still intend to finish posting Moonrise here as well.
  • Listening to: GATE ~Like the Break of Dawn~
  • Reading: Fanfiction or Sprite Comics
  • Watching: GATE
  • Playing: Star Trek Online/Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Mac & Cheese
  • Drinking: Coke


IT BURNS! by Rattler20200
After dusting several Vampires, Sunset, Twilight, and Pinkie found a rather unique Vampire with something like wings. This had to be the leader. And sure enough, he was more powerful. Several spells were shot at the trio, which were countered by Twilight. The problem was... they couldn't get close enough for Sunset's wooden knife, which Pinkie insisted on calling Mr. Pointy for some crazy reason.

Twilight recoiled as another spell hit the wall. They needed to reach the Vampire Lord.
"Wait..." she said to herself as she felt her staff. It was mostly made of wood, and the bottom end had a bit of a point to it. She might have a bit more reach than Sunset.

Flipping the staff around, she got ready to lunge at the Vampire Lord. Maybe she could distract it enough for Sunset to finish it off. Before either girl could react, the Vampire Lord lunged.

"Smile!" Pinkie said suddenly, hopping in front of Sunset and Twilight. The party girl raised the spotlight and turned it on right in the Vampire Lord's face. Recoiling from the blinding UV light, the Vampire Lord seemed to start to sizzle.

"Not gonna argue," Sunset said as she and Twilight pounced.
Sunset the Vampire Slayer by Rattler20200
Sunset the Vampire Slayer

That was the name of the man Sunset and Adagio had encountered.

Now that they knew who they were dealing with, the problem was finding him. Unfortunately a more immediate problem came up. A random Vampire incursion on a city. Rarity said that one of the best ways to deal with Vampires was a wooden stake through the heart. After basically making a wooden dagger, Sunset decided to blow off some steam by dealing with said Vampires.

Yea... she was a little frustrated after her run in with Ganondorf.

"Well Sunset," Pinkie spoke up as she pulled out a UV spotlight from the jeep after they parked. "Maybe we'll get to blast the Buffy theme!"
"Buffy theme?" Twilight asked.
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer, silly!"
"I think Sunset's a little too busy to listen to music..."

Sure enough, Sunset had already staked one of the Vampires and was moving to attack another.
The Dark King by Rattler20200
The Dark King
"Look... I know we've had our differences..."
"Adagio... frankly... I don't trust you," Sunset cut off the Siren. "You want that to change, you're going to have to work for it. And you know why."

Sunset knew that there were issues to work out. That was why she decided to go on this recon of some kind of ruins with Adagio. She'd already accepted Aria for her honesty, and even accepted Sonata, mostly because it turns out the girl makes awesome tacos, but Adagio was another story. She saw a little too much of her old self in the orange haired woman.

"I... I understand," Adagio sighed as she rested a hand on the hilt of her sword. "I knew going in this wouldn't be easy. Guess there's too much bad blood between us to just sweep it under the rug."
"You tried to turn my friends against each other to satisfy your hunger. Something like that can't be forgotten so easily," Sunset said before sighing. "At least... you're trying. I'll give you that."

The pair continued down a hallway before something stopped them. A large figure was standing in the way with his arms crossed. Sunset casually rested her hand on the hilt of the Master Sword, unsure what to make of this guy. Adagio, however, seemed nervous.

"Can't you feel it Sunset?" the Siren asked. "Dark power. He's just... giving off so much its suffocating."
The only response she got was Sunset tightening her grip on her sword. She could feel it, but not as strongly as Adagio. Whoever this man was... he was dangerous. After a moment, Sunset actually drew her sword. Adagio followed suit a moment later.

"I recognize that sword," the man said. "Yet you are no Hero chosen by the Goddesses."
"Why not do some character development then," Sunset shot back.

The man simply raised his right hand and balled it up into a fist. An image made of light appeared, revealing a pattern that Sunset was familiar with. The Triforce. But only one triagle was filled in. The one representing Power.
"You once tasted Power, and yet... you do not posess it," the man said.
"So... you must me the one the Gerudo are looking for in Hyrule," Sunset replied.
"I will teach them the price of betraying their king."

Before Sunset and Adagio could react, the man thrust his hand out, and a bolt of dark energy shot at the pair, slamming them both back into the far wall.

"You may wield the Blade of Evil's Bane. But know that I hold Power itself," the man taunted before launching another bolt, causing part of the ceiling to collapse on the two girls. Sunset quickly cast a shield spell, one that she had learned years ago when she was still Princess Celestia's student. She was surprised when Adagio actually threw in what little power she had left to reinforce the shield.

"We will meet again, little Unicorn," the man said. "I look forward to our next encounter..."
SCORE! by Rattler20200
"I still don't trust you."
"Hey! Not my fault Adagio wanted a round 2!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes as Rarity and Sonata went at it again. And... she was also regretting the decision to take a sniper rifle on this recon mission. Wasn't gonna be as useful inside a building.

"I will admit your skill with that katana is pretty good."
"And your rapier certainly doesn't disappoint either. The way you beat me on that dock... I'm still amazed."
"Simple matter of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Mine was thrusting attacks, your was slashing. I just made sure to limit your slashing."
"As interesting as this all is," Rainbow Dash interrupted. "I think we got bigger problems to worry about."

A few turns later, the trio found what looked like a little workshop room. Inside, they found a couple weapons. One of which immediately got Rainbow Dash's attention.

"Score!" the cromatic haired girl exclaimed as she leaned her sniper rifle against the wall. "If I'm right... this is a mag rifle!"
"Since when were you an egghead Rainbow Dash?" Rarity asked, noting her use of a more scientific term.
"Eh... maintaining that Fed rifle ya know," Rainbow Dash replied as she picked up the railgun. "This thing shold punch a hole in just about anything."

"Wanna get a taco sometime?" Sonata finally asked Rarity.
"Well... I'm not particularly fond of tacos," Rarity admitted. "But... I suppose."

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