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Ok... I think I'm gonna try something totally off the wall here. Something I've seen some other artists do.

I am opening up the shop for questions. They can be about my stories, my Garry's Mod stuff... hell... even the stamps and Frankenstein C&C sprites I made out of Advance Wars units. Although I would love to get some feedback on my stories...

Anyways... ask away people!
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  • Reading: Fanfiction or Sprite Comics
  • Watching: Ghostbusters
  • Playing: Star Trek Online/Fire Emblem: Awakening
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Ok... I think I'm gonna try something totally off the wall here. Something I've seen some other artists do.

I am opening up the shop for questions. They can be about my stories, my Garry's Mod stuff... hell... even the stamps and Frankenstein C&C sprites I made out of Advance Wars units. Although I would love to get some feedback on my stories...

Anyways... ask away people!
  • Listening to: Lets Just Live - RWBY vol 4 soundtrack
  • Reading: Fanfiction or Sprite Comics
  • Watching: Ghostbusters
  • Playing: Star Trek Online/Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Eating: Mac & Cheese
  • Drinking: Coke

Chapter 15


All eyes in Canterlot High's Auditorium were glued to the news report. Principal Celestia had managed to convince everyone to get back inside, and was using a projector to screen the news in hopes of seeing what happened.

“No...” Princess Twilight gasped as they watched the top of City Hall just explode.

“I.... are we still rolling?”

“Yea... I'm alright. You?”

“Yea... As... as you can see... the entire top floor of City Hall has just erupted into a fireball. Whatever happened, it appears that the energy that had been flowing up into the sky has stopped. Paramedics and Firefighters are moving in now to check for survivors.”


The top floor of City Hall was all but destroyed. The entire roof had been blown clean off, and everything was buried in wreckage.

A pile of debris shifted, before a blue hand shot up, followed by a very roughed up looking Rainbow Dash.

“Are we dead?” she asked, not expecting to get an answer.

“I'll... tell you in a minute...” came the voice of Rarity from somewhere nearby. Scrambling out of her pile, Rainbow Dash made her way over to where she heard her friend and started digging until she found a disheveled looking fashionista. Helping Rarity up, Rainbow Dash actually groaned in pain due to having a building fall on her earlier.

“You alright?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Well... if I look anything like you... at least I'm alive,” Rarity replied. Rainbow Dash took one look at Rarity's hair and snickered. She had a feeling Rarity was going to freak at how messy her hair was. Soon after finding Rarity, Fluttershy managed to dig herself free and started shaking dust out of her pink hair. Applejack was next, actually pushing a desk over that had somehow gotten over her.

“Well... lets not do that again anytime soon,” the country girl drawled, eliciting a laugh from the girls who were up and about.

“Can someone get me out of this thing?” the muffled voice of Twilight Sparkle reached them. Soon enough, the four girls found Twilight inside a fridge of all things. The only real sign of damage was her glasses were cracked. Slimer was in the freezer, looking like a green ice cube, but the ghost was alright as he defrosted and actually hugged Rarity, much to Rarity's discomfort.

A short distance away, Pinkie Pie burst up through a pile of debris and shook herself off with a funny sound.

“What a rush...” she said before prying herself out entirely. “Anyone seen Sunset?”

Looking around, the girls didn't see any sign of their friend and started digging around. Twilight saw one pile of debris moving. Calling the girls over, Twilight started to dig through the busted ceiling tiles and wrecked cabinets before taking hold of something that felt like a hand. Working with the others, Twilight managed to clear enough of the debris to discover... a purple hand just like her own?

After a little more digging, the owner of the hand was revealed. A young woman who looked to be in her twenties with a wild hairstyle. Physically she looked a bit like an older version of Twilight, and she looked like she was wearing some kind of armor. The young woman looked dazed but after a moment she focused on Twilight with a look of confusion. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, a flying green spud slammed into her and pulled her up into a hug.

“KYLIE!” Slimer exclaimed in excitement.

“Gah! Slimer! No hugging!” Kylie Griffin protested. After freeing herself from the spud, and groaning about being slimed, Kylie looked around and blinked. She could see Twilight, and most of the other girls...

“Is it really you?” Twilight asked.

“Uh... I don't...” Kylie started to say before getting poked in the shoulder by Pinkie Pie. Kylie gave the pink party girl a deadpan look before poking her back.

“Yup. She's real!” Pinkie chirped before bouncing back a bit.

“Huh... I guess... GAH!” Kylie was cut off as Twilight pulled her into a hug. After a moment, Kylie actually returned the hug with a smile on her face.

While all this was going on, Sunset Shimmer dug herself out enough to get some fresh air, and gasped for breath. The movement attracted Applejack's attention, and the country girl actually went over to help Sunset up. It was then that she noticed something different. There was some kind of pendant hanging around Sunset's neck.

“Ya alright sugarcube?” Applejack asked.

“Yea... nothing like dropping a building on a deity to end the day huh?” Sunset replied with a tired smile.

“Well... top floor of one anyways,” Applejack replied with a smile. “What's that around yer neck?”


Sunset brought a hand to her neck and felt the gold chain that lead to a gem pendant... in the shape of her cutie mark from Equestria, and the symbol on one of her favorite shirts. A two tone red/yellow blazing sun.

“What... how...” Sunset trailed off before she remembered something. Just before they blasted Nightmare Moon to oblivion, some kind of stone orb rolled and shot a golden beam at them. Nightmare Moon had called it an... Element? But that was... it couldn't be! All six were accounted for back in Equestria! How could she have one?

Applejack put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

“We'll figure it out later,” she drawled. “Stop freakin' already.”

“Yea...” Sunset sighed as she released the amulet and let it drop back down against her chest.

After getting over the shock of discovering her new bling, and meeting Kylie in person for the first time, Sunset called for the girls to gather around and leave the building. On the way they actually found Principal Cinch and made sure to restrain her for the authorities to deal with.


“Right now... it seems unlikely anyone could have survived the... blast...” the news reporter trailed off as his cameraman shifted his focus to the front of the building. As soon as it was clear who had emerged, cheers erupted from the crowd that had gathered.

It was the Ghostbusters.

Both Police and Paramedics rushed over to check on them, and what appeared to be two survivors. Sunset Shimmer shoved Principal Cinch into the hands of the cops and told them to charge her with as many counts of public endangerment they could, along with enough counts of child endangerment to cover every student at Crystal Prep and even Ponyville Elementary. Principal Cinch didn't even resist. She knew she was beat, and even her reputation was now shattered. Nothing left to fight for. As news reporters swarmed the high school girls, Sunset Shimmer actually held up a hand to silence them.

“What we just experienced was an event of near apocalyptic levels. A...” Sunset trailed off and looked at her friends.

“Lets call it a Class 8 Transdimensional Deity,” Twilight supplied.

“A Class 8 Transdimensional Deity had been summoned into our world. Short version, a literal Goddess from another world was brought into ours. We managed to eliminate the threat through not only the courage of myself, but my friends. Regrettably... we kinda wrecked City Hall in the process. But the way I see it... property can be repaired and replaced. Lives can't.”

“You're only high school students,” one reporter said. “How could anyone, especially you girls, come up with any kind of means to fight the plague of paranormal activity?”

“That... is classified,” Sunset said with a smile. “But I will say that we did what we had to... to protect our home.”

“Also,” Rainbow Dash said as she popped in behind Sunset. “Saving the world is kinda becoming our thing. Long story. And I think Slimer took offense to being called a plague.”

Sure enough, said green spud was looking at the reporters from above with a look of disappointment, arms crossed in front of him.

As this was going on, Applejack's hat landed in front of her, and the country girl scooped it up and put it back on her head.

“Now... if you'll excuse us, we're tired and a little hungry,” Sunset said as she actually pushed one of the mics away from her. “And I get cranky when I haven't eaten.”

With that, the Ghostbusters loaded their gear into the Ecto-Van and started to climb in when the Mayor approached them. She said that they would be recognized for their bravery at a later date, and that for now, the city would pay for their meal. The girls all looked at each other, Kylie included, before inviting the Mayor to come along for the ride since they figured no one would believe them.


Dear Twilight:

Its been a few days since the battle against Nightmare Moon, and... everything's settled down. No real serious paranormal activity. So far it seems like Canterlot's quieted down to where it was before. Just the occasional magical disturbance.

The package I sent back with you, that I told you not to open and to deliver to Princess Celestia, was something I felt that only she could properly dispose of. All three copies of this so called Codex of Night that was used by the Cult, boxed up and put in another box full of positively charged Slime. Kylie's idea.

Speaking of Kylie, she was impressed with us and said that we were worthy of taking the title of Ghostbusters. She was actually adopted by Twilight's parents, since we kinda can't send her back to her world, and is now running an occult book store. Guess she's leaving it to us to take up the reigns since it is our world. I heard Twilight's brother Shining Armor doesn't even know what to make of Kylie.

There is one thing that is bothering me though. This amulet I somehow acquired after the fight with Nightmare Moon. It... reminds me of your old crown. The one with the Element of Magic. But... all six Elements of Harmony are accounted for. Where'd this one come from? And why me?

Anyways... we're going to keep the gear and everything in case its needed again. The Mayor actually has a business license waiting for us for when we graduate. Not only that... we were honored by the city for our bravery, and awarded not only a ceremonial Key to the City, but we each got paychecks for services rendered. And the Mayor actually called any property damage incurred during our busts to be an “Occupational Hazard” and that we are not liable for any damage we cause. Already the insurance companies are scrambling to come up with something to take us into account.

I just hope things stay quiet for a while Twilight. Word is Principal Celestia's going to set up a trip to Camp Everfree at some point in the future. And don't worry. Its the Human World. I doubt there's any connection with the Everfree Forest other than name. I mean... Canterlot High? Crystal Prep?

Take care of yourself Twilight. And... maybe I can come back sometime to visit. And... maybe even visit my parents.

Your Friend,

Sunset Shimmer



“She has buried herself in the Royal Library for three days sister.”

“I know.”

“She needs to get out.”

“I know.”

“Is that all you're going to say?”

Princess Celestia smiled and looked over at her sister. She had received the package that Sunset had sent, and was thrilled at having another sample of Ectoplasm to study. But Sunset had been right to send the books to her for disposal. That kind of magic in any hooves was dangerous. So she made the choice to send one copy to the moon, one to Tartarus, and the original was stored in the restricted section of the Royal Library, never to see the light of day again, under heavy wards.

“This revelation of an Element in the Human World is... interesting. Twilight won't find anything in the archives. Tell me Luna... do you remember the old legends about the Elements of Harmony?”

“A little... why?”

“Because I believe that one of them... may have actually been a prophecy.”

Luna looked at her sister in confusion before asking what she meant. Celestia down the hall as she ruffled her wing feathers a bit.

“When the Darkness of Eternal Night threatens a world of exile,

The shadow of the Elements will rise,

And a lost child of Equestria will awaken the Courage within.”

Luna blinked as her sister related the old legend. She did in fact remember this one. It never made sense to her, but then again... most don't. She was more practical that way. More a mare of action at times than one for bookwork.

“The Darkness of Eternal Night may very well refer to your dark side Luna. Nightmare Moon. And the world of exile may be the human world.”

“Starswirl the Bearded sure enjoyed sending dangerous beings through the portal. And into a world without magic... it was essentially the ultimate exile. They would be powerless to affect anyone,” Luna said.

“Yes. Now... the shadow of the Elements may refer to the human counterparts of the Element Bearers. According to Twilight, they do have some inherent magic but it is nowhere near as powerful as here. And... the lost child of Equestria could be Sunset Shimmer.”

Luna stopped and facehoofed.

“That is a lot of speculation sister,” she said as she focused on the taller Alicorn. “We don't even know anything about this supposed Element.”

“That... I believe is where you are wrong. 'Awaken the Courage within'. While it is true all six Elements are accounted for, there is one that underlies them all. One that each Bearer had displayed on their own over time. It never manifested because... it wasn't truly needed. Until now,” Celestia said as she turned to face her sister.


“Courage, Luna. It takes Courage to be honest even when a simple lie could comfort a loved one. It takes Courage to stay true to your friends in the face of everything you could have wanted. It takes Courage to be kind to others, even those you once considered a foe. Courage to laugh, Courage to be Generous...”

“Courage to face the unknowns within Magic itself...” Luna finished.

“Exactly. It wasn't needed here because... they all had it within them. But in the human world... a world full of conflict... Courage found a Bearer, and perhaps... even helped stop the Sirens in a way.”

Luna considered her sister's words before looking back at her.

“Does she know?” she asked.

“No. But perhaps she suspects,” Celestia replied before continuing down the corridor. “But that is for her to discover on her own. We cannot interfere. Just as the Bearers found themselves, Sunset Shimmer has to learn for herself.”

“You know... I hate it when you get cryptic...”


Human World

The bell rang, and the students started to gather their things.

“Alright class. Remember that you have a report due on my desk on Monday morning! Enjoy your weekend and be safe,” Ms. Sage said before focusing on one particular student. “Sunset, would you stay for a moment?”

After packing her backpack, Sunset Shimmer approached Ms. Sage's desk.

“What's up?” she asked.

“I'm sure you're wondering why I never assigned you any particular legend to write your report on,” Ms. Sage replied.

Sunset nodded. How was she going to do the assignment when she didn't even know what to work on? Ms. Sage smiled before pulling out a book and setting it on the desk between them. Sunset picked it up and looked at the cover.

“Arthurian Legend?” Sunset asked.

“After recent events... kinda feels right to give you this subject for your report,” Ms. Sage said. “After all... in some ways you and King Arthur have a lot in common. Reluctant leaders who never asked for their lot in life, but made the most of it. You and your friends are a bit like the Knights of the Round Table. Without all the negative stuff of course. Anyways... same deadline. On my desk Monday morning.”

“Of course Ms. Sage,” Sunset said before slipping the book into her backpack.

“Will the Ghostbusters please report to the Principal's office.”

“Duty calls,” Ms. Sage said with a smile.

With a shrug, Sunset left the classroom and made her way to Principal Celestia's office. There, she found the other girls already waiting for her, along with both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna. Celestia was holding a manila folder, and Sunset could actually make out the Ghostbusters symbol on the front.

“We just got a long distance call asking for you girls,” Celestia said as she placed the folder on her desk. “Sounds serious.”

Sunset picked up the folder and looked through the contents. Sure enough... it looked like something was up.

“I'll see to it that any assignments you have over the weekend are delivered as long as you e-mail them to me or Luna,” Celestia said. “But... how would you girls like to take a trip up to Manhattan? Sounds like they could use your help.”

Closing the folder, Sunset looked at her friends.

“Are we there yet?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“ROAD TRIP!” Pinkie Pie cheered.

The rest of the team all gave similar responses.

With a smile, Sunset Shimmer looked back at Principal Celestia.

“We'll take the job.”

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.15
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.

Chapter 14

I'm Not Afraid

Seventh Floor: Housewares, Evil Godlike Entities... a ruined castle in the middle of a forest?

The group emerged from the stairwell and found themselves in front of ruins. Sunset instantly recognized the significance of this. The ancient Castle of the Two Sisters. The site of a battle between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon. And according to Princess Twilight, the site of a battle between Nightmare Moon and the Element Bearers after her return. The irony of the top floor taking on such a form wasn't lost on her.

While they were still inside City Hall, the dimensional instability had made it seem as though the area was much larger. There were still some signs of the original building, but the higher up they went, the more distorted it became until they hit the Everfree Forest floor, where the only evidence they were still in a building was the occasional desk. Now here on the top floor, it didn't even have that. It was a full on Dimensional Transfiguration.

Slimer hovered around Twilight, almost protectively, as the group approached the front gate. Holstering her Neutrona Wand, Sunset put a hand on the old door before putting her shoulder into it and started to push with all her strength. She was immediately joined by Twilight Sparkle, and shortly after that, the rest of the girls. Even Slimer was pushing on the massive door. With a groan, the doors shifted and finally started to swing open.

“What is this place?” Twilight asked as they entered the old castle.

“The Castle of the Two Sisters,” Sunset said. “Once the home of Princess Luna and Celestia before Nightmare Moon and her subsequent banishment.”

“Was this where it happened?” Rarity asked.

Sunset nodded before pulling out her PKE Meter. Again, the entire place was active, making any accurate readings difficult at best. Even Twilight was having problems.

“PKE's off the charts,” the purple haired scientist said. “I'll have to make new charts.”

“Well... old fashioned way it is,” Applejack said as she drew her Neutrona Wand.

Unlike the previous floors, the girls were able to proceed almost totally unopposed. Only the occasional closed door hindered their progress. The closer they got to the center of the castle, the louder the chanting got. They were coming up on the Ritual Chamber. Slimer continued to stay close to Twilight, looking a little scared himself. Twilight actually reached over and gave the ghost a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

Forcing a door open, the girls found themselves in the throne room. And right in the middle was the largest gathering of Cultists they ever saw, along with the source of the energy pouring into the sky. In the Ritual Circle was what looked like some kind of Stone Orb, and floating above it was a dark sphere of energy that was acting like a focus for the energy being released. One particular Cultist looked up from a book and saw them.

“You're too late Wondercolts!” the Cultist called out in a familiar voice. “Soon... the Goddess shall walk among us!”

“Why'd she call us by our school team's name?” Rainbow Dash asked in confusion.

“That voice...” Twilight said as she stepped forward. “I... I know you!”

“We had such high hopes for you Twilight Sparkle. Especially after I saw what you did at the Friendship Games,” the Cultist said. “After you opened those rifts... I knew that it was possible to finally achieve what we have desired for over a hundred years!”

“Why dont'cha show yer face ya coward!” Applejack challenged.

The Cultist chuckled before reaching up to the hood concealing their face. Taking hold of both sides, the Cultist pulled the hood back revealing...

“PRINCIPAL CINCH?!” the girls exclaimed in shock.

“Surprised?” Cinch replied with a smirk. “I admit that the Cult had lost its way for years after the events at Ponyville Elementary. And for a long time I had given up. The only thing that mattered to me anymore was reputation. But that day at Canterlot High... My faith was restored. I knew we could bring the Goddess here.”

Grinding her teeth, Twilight Sparkle brought her Neutrona Wand up and aimed at the dark sphere behind Cinch.

“I can't let you threaten this world Cinch. Step aside,” she said.

“You're too late Twilight,” Cinch said. “She... is here.”

As if on cue, a burst of energy erupted from the sphere, throwing the girls back and even throwing Applejack's hat off her head.


A wave of energy swept across Canterlot from City Hall, throwing everyone back. The wave was even felt as far away as Canterlot High.

Scrambling to her feet, Princess Twilight Sparkle ran outside and looked out towards the city in fear. Even with her magic muted to dang near non-existence, she felt the magic and knew what it was.


Sunset pushed herself at least to a position where she could see what was going on. The Cultists were all down on their knees as the sphere started to morph into an equine form. Black as the deepest night, with a mane that looked to be made of a piece of the night sky itself, the form touched down on the ground with armored hooves before spreading her wings and opening her eyes.

Nightmare Moon had been summoned to the Human World.

“What... is this place?” Nightmare Moon asked as she looked at the gathered beings she didn't recognize.

“Mighty Goddess,” Cinch said as she took a knee. “We have summoned you here, to a world where none can oppose your rule. We, the Cult of Eternal Night, are yours to command.”

“And... those seven?”

“A minor annoyance.”

The Ghostbusters pushed themselves to their feet, and Twilight actually pulled her glasses off to clean them as if it would help her to see if this really was happening. Nightmare Moon looked over the group with contempt. The redhead was interesting as she could sense some magic from the girl, but as soon as she got a good look at the other six...

“YOU!” she snarled, especially focused on Twilight Sparkle.

The girls, except for Sunset, blinked in confusion before taking a defensive step back.

“Uh... Sunset? Why does she look like she wants to destroy us all of a sudden?” Rarity asked.

“Because it was Princess Twilight and her friends, your counterparts, who beat her the first time around,” Sunset said as she joined them, bringing her Neutrona Wand up.

“Ooooh shtako...” Rainbow Dash swore.

The Cultists all moved away to give their Goddess room to smite the fools who dared to challenge her power. The dark Alicorn stepped out of the circle, leaving behind the energy beam and the Orb, and moved towards the Ghostbusters. Even Slimer was shaking in her presence. This entity was much stronger than anything they had ever faced before.

With a dark smile, Nightmare Moon reared up. Magic energy formed around her horn before she launched a spell at the girls before they could even react. The spell struck all seven of them, but it seemed as though Sunset and Twilight were unaffected. In Twilight's case it was because Slimer actually took the hit for her. In Sunset's case...

Sunset threw her arms up in a futile attempt to protect herself from the spell, only for it to essentially splash off her harmlessly. The other girls, however, were enveloped in a dark aura before they collapsed, quivering in fear. In a panic, Sunset ran over to Applejack, who happened to be the closest to her, and tried to find out what was going on. The country girl had her eyes closed tight and kept muttering about spiders. The aura was still present around her, telling Sunset that this was a channeled spell. Nightmare Moon had to maintain it. And with Applejack muttering about spiders...

It was a fear spell.

Nightmare Moon was trying to use their own fears against them. At first Sunset wondered why she hadn't been affected before a thought came to her. She had already faced one of her biggest fears in the Library! Her own dark side! Looking back at Twilight and the reeling Slimer, Sunset figured that the purple haired girl could have been spared because of that as well. Based on what was said at Sweet Apple Acres, one of Twilight's biggest fears was losing control and turning into Midnight Sparkle again. And she had actually stood against her own dark side as well! But with five of the girls down...

Sunset actually took hold of Applejack. She had an idea. If she couldn't disspell the magic, she might be able to get Applejack to face her fear and counter it from within.

“Applejack! Can you hear me?”

“Spi... Sunset... spiders... run...”

“Applejack... when did you get arachnophobia?”

“Ah... ah was three... fell into a... nest... spiders all over me... get 'em off!”

“Applejack... you're bigger than they are. I know you're scared, but you need to fight through it. Shelob is nothing compared to you Applejack.”

“Always... hated that scene in Lord of the Rings...”

“And yet it didn't stop you from enjoying the movie. Now fry those spiders and come back Applejack. Your friends need you. Your family needs you.”

The aura around Applejack faded, and the country girl opened her eyes slowly before complaining about feeling like she got bucked by a mule. Sunset smiled and helped pull her up to her feet. Taking a quick look back at Nightmare Moon, who looked furious but didn't move to not disrupt her spell, Sunset quickly explained what was going on. Applejack nodded. It made sense to her. Nightmare Moon wanted to use their own fear against them, and it worked for the most part. But somehow, Sunset Shimmer was able to cut through that fear. Her courage was strong enough to help Applejack with one of her deepest rooted fears. Courage wasn't the absence of fear, it was acknowledging that fear exists and continuing on despite that fear.

Together with Twilight Sparkle, Sunset and Applejack got to work getting through to the others. One by one, the girls were walked through facing their fears and brought back to reality. In Pinkie's case it was a paralyzing fear of losing her unique identity. For Rainbow Dash, it was actually being abandoned. Rarity's was loss of family. Fluttershy's fear was actually guns, which was a bit ironic considering her skill with the Proton Pack.

Once the girls had recovered and the spell was broken, they all stood and faced Nightmare Moon. Growling in annoyance, Nightmare Moon prepared another spell. This time the girls were ready and opened fire with their Proton Packs. Caught off guard by the sudden aggressive act, Nightmare Moon actually threw up a shield before flying up into the air. They didn't have magic yet they were able to not only break free of her fear spell, but they actually had the nerve to attack her directly! The Cultists all cleared out, except for Cinch, as Nightmare Moon unleashed a wave of dark energy.

Taking cover behind anything they could find, the girls tried to hit Nightmare Moon again with their Proton Streams. Applejack actually switched over to the Capture Stream and grabbed Nightmare Moon by the leg. The dark Alicorn instantly took offense and cast a spell that sent a burst of energy right back at her along the Proton Stream that sent her flying into a wall. Boson Darts were repulsed with a flick of her wings, and even Twilight's Stasis Stream was countered by a barrier any time she tried to use it. The only time the Ghostbusters seemed to be able to actually inflict any damage was when multiple Proton Streams managed to strike her at the same time, but only for a moment as Nightmare Moon would just cause a feedback like she did with Applejack or unleash a wave of energy that would send them all flying.

“FOOLISH CREATURES!” Nightmare Moon shouted. “You are nothing compared to me! You do not even know of what you face!”

“I know!” Sunset declared. “I know who you are! Nightmare Moon, dark side of Princess Luna of Equestria!”

“And how do you know of that?”

“Because I am from Equestria! I was once the personal student of Princess Celestia herself! So I know all about you Nightmare Moon! This is not your world, and I will do everything in my power to stop you.”

Nightmare Moon laughed. This... creature... was one of her subjects? And she actually believed she could fight an Alicorn? Focusing on Sunset, Nightmare Moon grabbed the girl with her magic and used her to physically bowl over the rest of the Ghostbusters. Before she could do anything else, Slimer was in her face blowing a raspberry and shaking his rear end. Growling in annoyance, Nightmare Moon tried to swat away the spud, only for Slimer to zip out of the way and continue to torment her.

“Get back here you annoying little pest!” Nightmare Moon yelled as she tried to attack Slimer.

Taking the opportunity to find cover and regroup, the girls hid behind the twin thrones to discuss plans. So far everything they threw at her wasn't enough. Nightmare Moon just shrugged off every attack as if it was nothing.

“What do we do?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well... our individual Proton Streams aren't enough,” Twilight said. “But maybe if we work together...”

“Tried that Twi,” Applejack pointed out. “She just blasted us with that wave.”

“You're right. Seven individual Proton Streams aren't powerful enough to get through her defenses. But maybe... we can overpower her with one massive Proton Stream.”

Sunset looked at Twilight, wondering what she meant by that. How could they make a bigger Proton Stream? They didn't have time to cannibalize their Proton Packs to cobble together a Proton Cannon...

“Our seven beams are just spreading out the damage. Like... in Lost World when Dr. Harding was on the glass panel. It didn't break under her full weight because she was laying flat against it. It was only when she started to push herself up that the glass started to crack,” Twilight explained.

“Because instead of spreading out her weight... it was concentrated on her hands and knees...” Rarity added. “Same weight, but on a smaller area. But how do we do that here?

“We... we cross the streams.”

Everyone looked at Twilight Sparkle like she had just gone insane.

“Wait a second... I thought you said crossing the streams was a bad idea!” Sunset said. “Like... explode at the speed of light bad!”

“Cross the streams...” Rainbow Dash groaned.

“Its a risk, but I don't see any alternative,” Twilight said. “It will be the only way we can concentrate enough power into a single point against Nightmare Moon. And... there actually is a slim chance we'll survive. Kylie says the Ghostbusters used the same tactic against Gozer in New York.”

The girls looked at each other. They knew there was no other choice. It was a Hail Mary at best. But if they were going to defeat Nightmare Moon...

“I love this plan!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed before slapping Fluttershy on the shoulder. “I am excited to be a part of it! Lets do it!”

As if they were breaking a huddle, the girls all came out of cover and took aim at Nightmare Moon. The dark Alicorn laughed at them, expecting more of the same futile attempts to harm her.

“Well... Nice knowin' y'all,” Applejack said before firing her Proton Stream and striking Nightmare Moon's shield in her chest.

“Who wants to live forever?” Rainbow Dash asked before adding her own Proton Stream. Both streams were dancing in front of their target as the chromatic haired girl started to pull her Neutrona Wand in close to Applejack's, causing the Streams to merge into a larger one. Nightmare Moon actually looked surprised at the sudden increase in power from the attack.

“If we're going to go down... might as well go out swinging,” Rarity said as she fired her Proton Stream and pulled it in until it merged with the others.

“I can't let you threaten all the innocent people and animals on this planet,” Fluttershy said before adding her Proton Stream to the mix. Now Nightmare Moon was having to grit her teeth and focus to keep her shield from failing. What kind of power was this?

“Girls... thanks for being my friends,” Twilight Sparkle said before firing off her own Proton Stream and merging it with the others.

“Lets do this!” Pinkie Pie said before firing off her own Proton Stream. “LEEEEEROOOOY JEEENKIIIINNNNNNNSS!”

The combined power of six Proton Streams was actually pushing Nightmare Moon back towards the Ritual Circle. Her magic shield flaring in anger at the constant punishment. The dark Alicorn tried to dig her armored hooves into the ground as she fought against the onslaught.

Sunset Shimmer approached the center from the back of the formation and leveled her own Neutrona Wand.

“I'm not afraid of you Nightmare Moon!” Sunset yelled as she added her own Proton Stream, bringing the total power of the super stream up to seven times the output of a single Proton Pack. The energy spider-webbed around Nightmare Moon's shield before literally shattering it and striking her directly. Crying out in defiance, Nightmare Moon tried to focus to cast a feedback spell.

The Stone Orb that had been used as a focus for the summoning suddenly rolled forward on its own before cracking and unleashing a golden beam towards the girls. Nightmare Moon finally got a good look at the Orb and her eyes went wide.

“An Element? Impossible!” Nightmare Moon cried out.

The golden light struck the girls, and the magic inside of them flared to life. Slimer watched in awe as all seven girls, for lack of a better term, Pony'd up and glowed with magical energy like a rainbow. The energy soon started to flow into their Neutrona Wands, and in turn into the Proton Stream. The orange and blue Proton Megastream was soon wrapped in spiraling rainbow energy that struck Nightmare Moon square in the chest. The girls were crying out, fully expecting to explode at any moment, but Sunset Shimmer had a defiant smirk on her face. She decided to pull a Pinkie and reference a movie. Something defiant in the face of evil.



The top of Canterlot City Hall erupted in a massive explosion, rocking downtown Canterlot. The energy beam lancing into the sky ceased, and everything went silent.

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.14
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.


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