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I just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and... I would like to announce something I have never done before.

I am going to start posting some chapters of a story I have not even finished writing yet! And I will do so here on DevArt!

Now... my own personal thing is that I never post an unfinished fanfic because I always want to deliver a finished product, even if I space out the posting of chapters. Too many times I have come across some awesome piece of work, only to discover its incomplete and hasn't been updated in a couple years at least. Drives me insane. So I decided to never post an unfinished story. While that makes me a not so prolific writer, I always deliver a finished product.

What's different in this case? I am already 10 chapters in on this story, and have been having fun with the writing. Honstly I haven't had this much fun since I wrote Moonrise.

And so... as a special Halloween Treat... I release the first 2 chapters, and the cover, of... Ghostbuster Girls!

Constructive criticism is appreciated to help improve writing skills.
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Chapter 7

Helloooooo Canterlot!

AKA: Never piss off Pinkie

On a corner in downtown Canterlot, some kids walked up to an Ice Cream Truck. They had some money and were eager to get some Ice Cream.

What they got was a fire hose of Slime to the face, squealing tires, and no Ice Cream.


It had been about a week since the successful test of the Proton Pack. With help from other students at Canterlot High, the girls were setting up shop in the Bomb Shelter. Twilight was supervising the installation of the brand new Ghost Containment Unit, so she wouldn't have to constantly make new traps. The GCU could store any Ghosts they trap, in theory, allowing them to actually empty the traps safely.

The van got a total makeover. White paint job, Ghostbusters symbol on the side, emergency lights and siren, a few do dads to help track ghosts... in short, it was now the Ecto-Van. Complete with Ecto-Van license plates. Rainbow Dash's contact really was a Miracle Worker.

Rarity had not only made the jumpsuit Twilight asked for, she made enough for everyone and even included name tags.

News agencies around town were already starting to report paranormal activity, which was making the girls worried. They didn't know where to even start. And the worst part was... they didn't know how to take any calls or anything! They were totally making things up as they went!


Outside Canterlot High, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo were kicking a ball back and forth when they saw an Ice Cream Truck pull up.

“You two want ice cream?” Scootaloo asked.

“Sure,” Sweetie Belle replied.

“Ah could go fer a strawberry,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

The trio approached the Ice Cream Truck, but felt like something was off about this particular truck. They were about to say something when the window opened up, and the three girls were sprayed with green slime. Pinkie Pie happened to be skipping along the sidewalk as this happened and ran over. The Ice Cream Truck burned rubber to peel out of the parking lot.

“Ohmygosh! Are you three alright?” Pinkie Pie asked the slimed girls.

“Rarity's gonna kill me...” Sweetie Belle moaned, looking at herself and trying to remove the slime.

“That was soooo not cool,” Scootaloo deadpanned.

“Ah jus' wanted a strawberry bar...” Apple Bloom cried.

Pinkie Pie looked up and glared at the departing Ice Cream Truck, which took on a green glow, before helping the girls to their feet. She then guided them down to the Bomb Shelter where they were cleaned up by Twilight and Rarity. But the party girl had a neutral look on her face before moving over to where they had their lockers and pulled out her jumpsuit. The others saw this and looked at each other.

“Pinkie?” Sunset asked. “Did... did you see what did this to the Crusaders?”

“Yea... I saw it,” Pinkie said in a neutral tone before approaching Apple Bloom and putting a hand on the young country girl's shoulder. “I will avenge you.”

With that, Pinkie Pie grabbed a Proton Pack, put it on, and made her way upstairs. The other girls looked at each other before they realized what was going on. They basically just got a call. Their first job. And it had pulled right up to the School itself! After a moment, all six of the remaining girls were scrambling to get dressed and geared up.

By the time the girls caught up to Pinkie Pie, she was already in the Ecto-Van with a serious look on her face. Applejack and the others set their Proton Packs in the back and climbed in, with the country girl in the driver's seat. Twilight was already messing with a screen as they fired up the van and pulled out of the parking lot. Rainbow Dash lamented the lack of awesome reveal via garage opening, before Fluttershy pointed out they didn't have a garage at Canterlot High.

“I got a mobile PKE hit!” Twilight said. “Pinkie, what was it?”

“A demonic Ice Cream truck,” Pinkie said. “Nobody, but NOBODY, makes one of my friends cry!”

Sunset thought about it for a moment before coming up with an idea.

“We're not gonna be able to trap it from the van. Applejack, take us to 5th and Denning. Its a pretty quiet intersection. Drop us off there. We'll set up a roadblock or something. You, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight can find this thing again and drive it to us.”

“Hounds t' the Hunters,” Applejack said with a smile. “Ah like that idea. How we gonna explain this t' the Police though?”

“Uh... not a clue...” Sunset admitted.


Officer Silver Badge was leaning back as he sat at 5th and Denning waiting for a call. He really wanted to find that blasted Ice Cream Truck that had assaulted his little girl, but every time a Police Cruiser tried to pull it over, it just... it was unbelievable! It would pass right through solid objects to get away! They already lost two cars that way.

The Canterlot Police Department had been getting swamped with calls about ghosts for the last week, and there was just nothing they could do!

Silver Badge sat up as a large white van pulled up. The whole thing looked like something from some low budget sci-fi movie with all the gadgets on the roof. The side opened up, and four high school girls came out with some equipment. Getting out of his car, Silver Badge approached them as if this wasn't suspicious behavior, he didn't know what was.

“Good afternoon girls,” he called out. The redhead turned and bit her lip.

“Uh... hi...” she replied.

“What's all this?”

“Well... its kinda hard to explain...”

“We're on the trail of an ectoplasmic vehicle that was recently at Canterlot High,” a purple haired girl said from inside.

“Uh... short version... we're trying to catch a ghost Ice Cream Truck that had just slimed three of our classmates,” the redhead said.

Silver Badge blinked. They just pretty much described the Truck and what it had done to his daughter! And they seemed to think they could actually stop it!

“Look... I don't know if you...”

“At least we're tryin' somethin'!” the girl with the Cowboy hat in the van called out.

“Well... if you're talking about the same Ice Cream Truck... Canterlot PD's been frustrated by it. And that thing assaulted my daughter. If you girls think you really can stop that thing... I'll do what I can to help. Things have been going crazy around the city and... we're not trained for it,” Silver Badge said.

“Well... then let's see if we can make a dent,” the redhead said. “Could you call ahead and let others know not to pull over our van? We're gonna try and drive the Ghost Truck here. I'm thinking of setting the trap in the middle of the road.”

“Right now... I'm willing to try anything.”

“All units, be advised. Suspect Vehicle sighted on Center Street, proceeding east bound. Vehicle described as a glowing, green Ice Cream Truck. All units in the vicinity of Center Street respond.”

“This is Baker-22. Recommend belaying that response call. We got a... specialized unit about to respond. Responding unit is a white Ford E-350 with blue lights and... sci-fi stuff on the roof. Recommend setting up roadblocks from Center to 5th and Denning. Hard to explain, but they might be able to actually catch this bastard.”

“Say again Baker-22?”

“We got teenagers with a van and some fancy gear about to go hunting that Ice Cream Truck. I'm suggesting we let them try.”

“We're from Canterlot High,” the redhead said.

“Uh... They also say they're from Canterlot High School.”

“Uh... roger Baker-22. All units, go on standby. Allow special unit to proceed.”

With a nod, they closed up the van. Applejack flipped a couple switches, and they were rewarded with the blue lights going off, and a rather unique siren. With a call of good luck, the Ecto-Van pulled away and went down the street.

“Well... lets get set up,” the redhead said as she pulled a box off her belt. “I'm Sunset Shimmer. And... I guess you can call us the Ghostbusters.”


Applejack stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth as she drove through traffic to get to Center Street. Twilight was in the back, manning the PKE Tracker and calling out directions to get them closer. They did attract attention with their lights and siren, but they weren't concerned with the rubber necking people. They were hunting an evil Ice Cream Truck. Surprisingly enough, it looked like the Police were setting up roadblocks to clear a path for them through downtown.

“Got a hit!” Twilight reported. “Keep going forward!”

Soon enough they found the Ice Cream Truck rolling down Center, and pulled in behind it with sirens blaring. Pinkie undid her seat belt, rolled down the window, and pulled herself out so she was pretty much sitting on the door.

“PAYBACK TIME YOU DEMONIC ICE CREAM TRUCK!” she yelled as she primed her Proton Pack. “LOK'TAR OGAR!”

“PINKIE! WHAT TH' HELL YA DOIN' GIRL?!” Applejack yelled just as Pinkie unleashed a Proton Stream. She managed to hit the fender, but the Ghost Truck actually swerved to evade. She tried again, only to miss entirely. But Applejack noticed something. The Ghost Truck would swerve in the opposite direction Pinkie was shooting. And that gave Applejack an idea. They could use that to their advantage and actually actively drive it to 5th and Denning!

“Twi! Get yer pack ready and hang out th' other side!” Applejack called out.

“What?!” Twilight shrieked. “Are you insane?!”

“That thang's swervin' to avoid Pinkie's shots! If ya get on th' other side, we can control where it goes! Even make it go straight!” Applejack explained.

“WAAAGH!!!” Pinkie yelled as she unleashed another Proton Stream, actually striking the Ghost Truck again.

“Pinkie can't hit around its left side,” Applejack said as she took a hard left after the Ghost Truck. “You can!”

After a moment, Twilight nodded, got some goggles to help keep her glasses from getting blown off, and made sure she wouldn't fall out before getting into position herself. Applejack's idea was insane, but actually a good one. If it was actively avoiding Proton blasts, they could use that to their advantage.

You can imagine the sight of a glowing, green Ice Cream Truck being chased by a white van was enough of a sight, but the fact that said van had two girls hanging out of it, one of which was yelling out random battle cries, made quite the sight indeed. It wasn't long before a news helicopter was above them tracking their movements, even spotting the occasional Energy beam from one side or the other of the white van, which seemed to be driving the Ice Cream Truck somewhere. And... they were going over the speed limit.

While it was a little messy, it took Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle a bit to work out a system. With Applejack calling out directions, they started to actually direct the Ghost Truck where they wanted. It wasn't long before the girls were taking potshots to make the Truck go in certain directions. And while it was a little crazy and dangerous, Twilight had to admit that it was kinda fun. Pinkie Pie was still yelling out battle cries like an Amazon Warrior out for blood. Twilight made a mental note to never piss off Pinkie Pie. The party girl could certainly hold a grudge from the looks of things. And it looked like if Pinkie Pie swore revenge, it wouldn't matter if you were alive or not. She would get her revenge.


“We need radios...” Rarity said as they waited.

“No kidding,” Sunset agreed. “I don't even know where they are right now.”

“Man... for all we know, Applejack's got that thing on the Interstate fives states over! And I'm not there to see it!” Rainbow Dash groaned.

They had come up with a plan to basically use the Ghost Traps like a Spike Strip. Wait until the Ghost Truck arrived, then toss 'em out active. They actually practiced a bit with Silver Badge, picking up a few new tricks in the process.

It wasn't long before they heard something in the distance. It sounded like... the Ecto-Van's siren and... Pinkie Pie? Shortly after that, they spotted the Ghost Truck turning down 5th's with the Ecto-Van right on its tail. Fluttershy brought up some binoculars, and gasped.

“Pinkie and Twilight are hanging out the windows with the Proton Packs!” she said.

“What?!” Sunset exclaimed before taking the binoculars for herself. Sure enough, there was Pinkie on the Passenger's side, with Twilight hanging out the opposite side further back.

Tossing the binoculars to Silver Badge, Sunset called for the girls to get into position. The plan was for Fluttershy and Sunset to toss Ghost Traps, while Rarity and Rainbow Dash got ready with Capture Streams. If the Truck tried to break free, the girls would wrangle it.

At the right moment, Sunset and Fluttershy tossed the traps into the middle of the street, one in each lane, and triggered the traps. The Ghost Truck ran over Sunset's trap, got caught in the vortex, and came to a screeching halt. The Ecto-Van stopped a few feet back as the Ghost Truck struggled to break free. Rainbow Dash and Rarity blasted the offending vehicle with Proton Streams until it actually got sucked backwards towards and finally into the trap.

“Yea! We got it!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as Pinkie Pie came out and glared at the trap. After a moment the pink haired party girl broke out with the “Can't Touch This” dance, getting everyone to laugh.

“Not bad for our first actual catch huh Sunset?” Rarity asked.

“Can't believe we actually did it,” Sunset replied.

“That's what you get!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, pointing at the trap with both hands. “And I just wanna say one thing.”

Pinkie Pie then looked up at the news 'copter and waved.


Ghostbuster Girls Ch.7
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.

This chapter written while listening to one particular song from the soundtrack. Also... Pinkie and her battlecries...

Chapter 6

New Toys

For the last couple days, Twilight Sparkle had been working almost non stop to finish the Prototype. The girls had actually stayed over at her place, mostly to make sure she actually eats and sleeps. Rarity's hair wasn't as perfect as usual, showing she had been almost as serious about the research as Twilight was with her work. Rainbow Dash had actually gone upstairs to get something to eat, and caught Rarity buried in research. The fashion girl had several bags of M&Ms on the table next to her, a couple already empty, a bottle of Coke, and it looked like she was actually using those glasses she wore when working on clothes as a makeshift hairband to keep her hair out of her face. Also she was positive she heard that music Rarity was listening to in a movie.

“Well... I'm sure you did. Akira Ifukube's work was in quite a few Godzilla movies,” Rarity had defended herself.

“You and Godzilla movies?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“When researching, I tend to put on movie scores. John Williams, Alan Silvestri... I've actually got a playlist.”

Twilight Sparkle set her tools down and closed up the Proton Pack with a sigh before sitting down. Fluttershy came over with a bottle of water, and the science girl happily accepted it.

“Its finished...” she trailed off. “At least... I think it is.”

“So now what?” Fluttershy asked.

“Now... we test it. And hope it doesn't blow us to Manhattan.”

As Twilight picked up the Proton Pack, Applejack stepped forward and took hold of one of the straps. It was pretty clear that she was volunteering to test it out. With a nod, Twilight helped the rancher slip the Pack on before she started messing with something on the pack itself.

“Ok... should probably go outside to test it,” Twilight said. “I'll set the power to... fifty percent. That should... well... er... minimize potential tissue damage.”

“Ya make it sound like this thang's gonna explode,” Applejack said.

“Well... theoretically... it should work. Realistically... we did just put an unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator on your back.”

The look on Applejack's face when Twilight used the word Nuclear made it clear she was starting to have second thoughts about all this. Even the other girls visibly shrank back at that. Twilight tried to reassure Applejack, saying that Kylie's confident the device will work as designed. Before anything else could be said, the sound of someone just playing the drums on a car horn came. Forgetting about the man portable nuclear device on Applejack's back, the group ran upstairs and out the front door. Outside they found Pinkie Pie sitting in the cab of a gray Ford E-350 van with that big cheese grin she was known for. At first they thought Pinkie was alone, but they noticed two other people in the van.

“Hi guys! Look what I found!” Pinkie exclaimed.


“I helped,” the passenger said as she came out, revealing Vice Principal Luna. “Pinkie had been sitting on the steps at school for a while. After explaining the situation, Celestia and I decided to help in any way we can.”

“When we got back to school with the van, which I figured needed to be big enough for not only seven of us, but any gear we get, we picked up Sunset and came out here!” Pinkie chirped as Sunset came out from the back. Luna actually said that, although a few turns were taken a bit fast, Pinkie's driving skills were improving.

“Well... we were just about to test the Proton Pack,” Twilight said, holding a Ghost Trap. “Anybody seen Slimer?”

“I think he's out back,” Fluttershy said.

As soon as everyone made their way out back, Twilight activated Applejack's Proton Pack and started giving her a rundown on all the important stuff.

“Ok... main thing to remember is the Neutrona Wand is the business end. Don't point it at anyone. While the Proton Stream won't punch a hole in anything, it will burn, and wreck stuff. Also, the stream won't be laser straight. It will fluctuate, so be ready to adjust. Now... as ghosts are made up of Negative energy, the Proton Packs are meant to counteract that energy to allow for an easier capture. Once you get a Capture Stream on, you'll have to... well... wrangle the ghost into position for the Trap to do its thing. Think of it as a combination of... roping a bull and fishing. With... a potentially destructive energy tether. Anyways... when you have a hold of the ghost, it will fight back. It goes one way, you pull the opposite way.”

While Applejack rolled her eyes at the stereotype, considering she was pretty much a rancher even though she lived on an apple farm, the idea of wrangling a normally intangible thing brought a smile to her face.

“Slimer! Wanna give us a hand with this?” Applejack called out.

The Spud instantly denied her, crossed his arms across his chest, and turned his back.

“Slimer...” Fluttershy said, approaching the ghost. “You're the only one who can help. Um... if you do... I'll buy you a hogie.”

Slimer turned to face Fluttershy, and tilted to the side in thought before holding up two fingers.

“Alright. Two hogies. But only if you help,” Fluttershy said.

That seemed to work. The resident animal lover seemed to not only have some kind of power over Slimer, meaning he just couldn't say no to that kind face, she seemed to have figured him out. After stretching a bit, which included actually pulling himself longer physically, the green Spud flew up into the sky and made like a Football Linebacker. Applejack called up to him and suggested that he move around to try and make it as realistic as possible.

Reaching back, the rancher took hold of the Neutrona Wand and pulled it out.

“Before you get started I want to point out a couple things,” Twilight said before pointing at an LED light bar. “This here will track the heat level. While I was able to put in some Heat Sinks, it will still overheat with prolonged use. If it overheats, it will shut down and vent automatically. Process only takes a couple seconds. You can manually vent excess heat by pulling down on the grip, kinda like a lever action rifle.”

Applejack looked at the Neutrona Wand and found both things Twilight mentioned. She felt where the grip separated, adjusted her grip, and pulled. Sure enough, it was like a lever action. The main issue was you had to readjust to do it. Applejack thought for a moment.

“Good idea, but ya might wanna consider addin' a thang so ya don't hafta readjust. Like an actual lever action rifle. Just pull down, or push with the back of yer hand. Might make it faster.”

“I'll keep that in mind,” Twilight said before stepping back and setting the Ghost Trap in the middle of the yard. “Ok... moment of truth... Feel like I should say something profound...”

“Hold on to your butts!” Pinkie Pie supplied.

“Good enough,” Twilight sighed as Luna put a hand on her shoulder.

Taking a deep breath, Applejack shifted her stance for better balance, took aim, and hit the trigger.

An orange stream with arcing blue energy erupted from the Neutrona Wand, catching Applejack off guard for a moment.

“Whoa Nelly!” Applejack exclaimed before recovering.

As soon as it hit Slimer, the Spud cried out and flew around wildly as memories of the last time a Proton Pack was used on him came rushing back. But wherever he went, the Proton Stream followed. Applejack managed to keep it on target before the beam suddenly changed, wrapping itself around Slimer. She could even feel the change, as there was suddenly tension coming from the wand. This had to be the Capture Mode Twilight mentioned. Spreading her feet a bit more, Applejack pulled on the energy tether. Sure enough, Slimer started moving in the direction she was pulling before he started fighting back. Just as Twilight suggested, Applejack pulled in the opposite direction Slimer pulled. The grin on the country girl's face made it clear she was having fun now. At one point when Applejack pulled down, her finger slipped and hit a button. The tether suddenly flared, and Slimer went shooting straight down into the ground. Instead of phasing through though, Slimer just... slammed into the ground and looked stunned.

Not arguing, Applejack took advantage of the situation to maneuver Slimer over the Ghost Trap and... Twilight pushed a button. The trap opened up, and a more powerful version of the vortex they saw from Twilight's Locket sucked Slimer in and closed. The Capture Stream instantly shut off, and the trap gave off a couple beeps.

“Ok... what did you do?” Sunset asked.

“Ah... donno...” Applejack admitted as she vented the heat from her pack. “Finger slipped when I pulled.”

“Looks like you goosed the Capture Stream, which... well... slammed Slimer into the ground,” Twilight said as she took notes. “Pretty good strategy to weaken a Ghost.”

After taking more notes, Twilight went over to the Ghost Trap and opened it, releasing Slimer. Said Spud spun up into the sky and swept his arms out to his sides.

“Tadaa!” he said with a big smile.

“Nice,” Sunset said. “How long to make more?”

“Now that I know what I'm doing? Give me a week and I should have enough Packs for everyone, plenty of Traps and PKE Meters... and maybe something to store all the captured Ghosts in. The problem though... is where to store it all.”

“Why not the old bomb shelter in Canterlot High?”

All eyes turned to Vice Principal Luna. The older woman just shrugged, saying that the school had a built in Nuclear Bomb Shelter that hasn't been used in decades and had an independent power supply. She also said that her sister had taken an interest in what was going on after meeting Slimer.

“Ok... so we got the gear, a base, and a vehicle...” Sunset said.

“I know a guy,” Rainbow Dash spoke up. “Give him some time, he'll be able to pimp out the van with whatever we need. Better suspension, emergency lights, new paint job... dude's a miracle worker! And I heard he gives discounts to anyone from Canterlot High.”

“If I may?” Rarity said, looking over a tablet. “I've done some research and I found a few... things.”

Applejack holstered her Neutrona Wand and crossed her arms across her chest as everyone gathered around.

“Well... I found something odd in the history of Ponyville Elementary. Apparently the school was built by a company led by a man named Altair Vikers. Some sources say he had ties to a secret group known as the Cult of Eternal Night. Now... Vikers was also apparently involved in the construction of City Hall, the city Library, and... Crystal Prep. He almost had the contract for Canterlot High, but was beat out by a... Starswirl Contracting Company. I... haven't been able to find anything on them. Must have gone out of business at some point after Canterlot High was built.

Anyways... This Cult of Eternal Night is apparently dedicated to the worship of an exiled Goddess. Their goal, according to the occult sites I found, is to free their Goddess, who in turn will bring about Eternal Night.”

Sunset thought for a moment. The story of this Goddess seemed familiar. She asked about where this Goddess was supposed to have been exiled to, and the response shocked her.

“Apparently this Goddess was exiled to the Moon.”

“No... way...” Sunset gasped. “That's... that's impossible!”

“Ya alright there Sunset?” Applejack asked.

“It... I spoke to her! Twilight and her friends freed her from... how... why... what...”

“Sunset?” Slimer asked, coming down to be level with the girls.

Sunset Shimmer dropped her backpack to the ground and started pacing. As she did so she was saying things to herself rapid fire. Nothing seemed to make sense as she just kept babbling about this and that. Eventually, Vice Principal Luna stopped the girl and placed both hands on the redhead's shoulders.

“Sunset,” she said. “Calm down. Take a deep breath, then tell us what's wrong.”

Sunset closed her eyes and did so.

“The Mare in the Moon is an Equestrian story. One that was actually true. A thousand years ago, both Luna and Celestia ruled Equestria equally. But ponies seemed to prefer the day, and slept at night. Princess Luna became jealous of this. She put a lot of work into each night, only for it to be ignored by her subjects in favor of her sister's daylight. Consumed by her jealousy, Princess Luna became a being known as Nightmare Moon and tried to usurp the throne. She claimed that the night would be eternal. Princess Celestia had no choice but to fight her own sister. Using the Elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia... banished her own sister to the moon.

A few years ago, she returned. Princess Twilight and her friends used the Elements to free Princess Luna from her darkness, restoring her. Nightmare Moon was defeated! But you're telling me that we may have an old Cult who worships Nightmare Moon here in the Human world? And they're trying to free Nightmare Moon?!”

“Well... when you put it that way... it does sound ridiculous...” Rarity trailed off. “I mean... that would imply that this Cult has ties to Equestria and... actually... I'm starting to think that the whole Cult idea is just a conspiracy theory now...”

“Its true.”

Again, all eyes turned to Luna, this time in shock. How could she say that? Luna sighed and closed her eyes before explaining that the Cult was real. She knew because... she once got in with them in her teenage years. She thought it was just some kind of club, and she was rather rebellious at that time. It took her own sister practically beating some sense into her for Luna to realize that it was a bad crowd she was associating with, and Luna left them without warning. She then said that she would do anything in her power to help the girls if the Cult was involved.

“So... when do we leave?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“What do you mean by that?” Sunset asked.

“Well... think about it. We've dealt with you turning into a raging she-demon... no offense...”

“None taken.”

“We've dealt with the Dazzlings, who were frickin' magical Sirens from Equestria, and we've dealt with a power crazed she-demon Sci-Twi... uh... no offense.”

“None taken,” Twilight replied, kinda smiling at the Sci-Twi nickname.

“We've basically made it our thing to save the world!” Rainbow Dash finished. “So... when do we start?”

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.6
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.

Chapter 5

Reflection and Development

It was pretty clear she was stalling at this point. Sunset Shimmer had gone through her backpack five times now to make sure she had everything she needed. She had already sent a message back via journal to have Princess Twilight open the portal, so all that needed to be done was for Sunset to step through. The girls all gathered around their friend as she fidgeted with the zipper once again. Twilight stepped forward and actually offered the camcorder that she had used at Ponyville Elementary.

“Just in case pictures alone aren't enough,” she said. “Might convince this Princess Celestia that its real.”

“Thanks,” Sunset said with a smile as she took the camera and stuck it in her backpack.

“I'll see what I can dig up on Ponyville Elementary, and see if there's any connection with other locations around town,” Rarity spoke up.

“And I'll finish work on my prototype,” Twilight added.

“And I'll find us a vehicle!” Pinkie Pie chirped, drawing attention to the party girl. “What? We're gonna need one! Its a hunch!”

Sunset smiled and shook her head. It was scary how accurate her hunches tended to be. Taking a deep breath, Sunset actually slung her backpack across her shoulders and looked at the statue. There was nothing more to say really. Before she could make a move, something came through from Equestria. Something, or someone, with purple hair.

“I got your message,” Princess Twilight said. “So I got here as soon as I... have no idea what that is...”

For a moment, everyone just looked at the Alicorn-turn-human, then at the source of her confusion.

“Hi,” Slimer said with a wave.

Sunset couldn't help herself and laughed. Seeing the normally intelligent young woman totally confused like that was priceless. And since she decided to come through, there was actually a chance to compare her and human Twilight side by side. Physically they were the same. The only differences Sunset could see was the pink stripe in human Twilight's hair was wider, and she wore glasses. Their demeanor was a bit different too, with Princess Twilight showing some more confidence than her counterpart.

“I'll explain on the way,” Sunset said as she stepped forward.

“On the way where?” Princess Twilight asked. “You didn't exactly say anything other than 'open the portal'.”

With a sigh, Sunset said that something serious had come up and that she needed to speak with Princess Celestia as soon as possible. For a moment Princess Twilight had a blank look on her face before pointing up at Slimer. The redhead nodded and said that he was a part of it. With a nod The resident royal motioned towards the portal before saying something to her Canterlot High friends. While they were sad that it was only a brief meeting, they knew there was a lot to do. Princess Twilight stepped through first, and Sunset hesitated. Closing her eyes, Sunset let go of a breath she had been holding and stepped through.

One time Sunset had asked Princess Twilight about what it was like to pass through the portal. She said that it was like getting stretched and spiraling down a rainbow tunnel. For Sunset though, it was more like coming out of a hyperspace tunnel then traveling down a roller coaster at breakneck speed with nothing but stars in the distance as if she actually was traveling between worlds.

Once on the other side, Sunset lost her balance and fell to her hooves.

“Gonna have to get used to this again...” she said to herself.

“You'll have time to adjust,” Princess Twilight replied. “I'll have Spike send a letter on ahead of us. It'll take us a few to get a couple train tickets for Canterlot, and I need to look for a book on magical floating...”

“Don't have time for research into Slimer Twilight,” Sunset cut her off. “I can tell you what I know on the way. But I doubt you'll find anything in your library. And don't even think about trying the Royal Library either.”

Twilight seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding her head. Research can wait, especially if the fire-maned mare had firsthand knowledge. After saying she could wait here, Twilight left, the only sound reaching Sunset being the princess' hooves on the floor until that faded with distance.

“I hope I'm ready for this...” Sunset sighed as she closed her eyes and just sat down where she stood.


Human World

After Sunset left, everyone, except Pinkie Pie, made their way to Twilight's house to discuss their next move, and see just what the scientifically inclined girl had been working on. Rarity actually pulled out her laptop and, after getting Twilight's Wi-fi password, started researching Ponyville Elementary.

Twilight's house was pretty small, with a single bedroom and maybe half a yard. She explained that her parents had gotten it for her as a starter for when she wanted to get out on her own. It even had a small basement that Twilight had turned into a workshop. There, resting on a table, was a half completed project. It looked like some sort of techno pack. Next to it was a thick cable and some kind of emitter that was in pieces. At the edge of the table was some kind of box sitting on top of a schematic for the magic capture locket. Slimer took one look at the gear and seemed to know exactly what it was supposed to be.

“You've been busy,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Well... ever since I heard the rumors about Slimer, Kylie and I had a feeling that something was coming, so... I started to try and reverse engineer a Proton Pack. Not exactly easy with nothing but secondhand information, but I'm confident that I'm on the right track,” Twilight replied. “One advantage I have here is that our technology is more advanced than what the Ghostbusters had in their world. Their original Packs were designed in 1984 so... we have a couple decades of advancement on that to work with.”

The information dump made Rainbow Dash's eyes glaze over. After a moment she just waved her hands.

“Ok... I get it, you're making Ghost Zappers or something. But how is this going to help us now?”

“If what Slimer said was true about more ghosts...” Fluttershy trailed off. “I don't know if we can Pony Up and deal with them all.”

“Ah'd feel better havin' somethin' besides our limited magic to fight with,” Applejack said, pushing her hat up a bit.

Twilight nodded in response before moving over to the box. She explained that she adapted the technology that was in her locket into a new Ghost Trap. Turned out that piece of gear was easier since Twilight already had something to work off of. The PKE meter was just a modification to her existing Magic Detector, so making more would be no problem whatsoever. She then said it might take her a few days to finish the prototype Proton Pack, but she wouldn't mind having some help.

Upstairs, Rarity found something interesting about the construction of Ponyville Elementary. Apparently one of the big names behind the school's construction was rumored to be tied to some secret Cult. Digging into the Internet for more information, she learned that this same person had actually won contracts for the Canterlot Library, City Hall, and even Crystal Prep. They almost got the contract for Canterlot High, but were beat out by someone else.

“Hm... I wonder...” Rarity said to herself as she started to dig into the guy himself. Her research lead her to a site dedicated to occult research. There, she found some more information, and even a name for this rumored Cult.

The Cult of Eternal Night.

Putting some music on, Rarity dove in deeper. She had a feeling it was going to be a long night tonight.



The train ride to Canterlot was relatively uneventful. Sunset explained what she knew about Slimer, and even showed Twilight the Cup O' Slime that she had brought with her as evidence. As to what spurred her into coming back to Equestria, Sunset only said that she would explain that with Princess Celestia, so that she wouldn't have to explain it more than once. As they stepped off the train, Sunset was again overcome with nervousness. She hadn't been here for a few years. It felt strange standing in the Capitol with foreign tech in her saddlebag, as well as the fact that the last time she was here she kinda... ran away.

Sunset's train of thought was broken with a wave of fear. Standing before the two was the armored form of a member of the Royal Guard. The armored Pegasus regarded both mares with a neutral look before focusing on Twilight.

“Princess, I have been asked to escort you and your companion to the Castle,” he said.

“I appreciate the offer, but I know my way around Canterlot,” Twilight said.

“I'm afraid I must insist Princess,” the Guard replied. “My orders come directly from Princess Celestia.”

Sighing in defeat, Twilight motioned for the Guard to lead on. Sunset heard her mutter under her breath about not being able to stop for a doughnut on the way. Apparently, even Celestia's best student was a fan of a local doughnut shop that was rather popular in town. Sunset couldn't help but smile as she remembered enjoying a chocolate doughnut every once in a while herself, with a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

Ok... Sunset was a chocoholic. She just loved chocolate. Every once in a while she would go to this little hole-in-the-wall cafe in the human world and get a mug of steaming Hot Chocolate to relax after a particularly stressful day at School.

The Guard took them on the most direct route to the Castle, then escorted them through said Castle until they reached a set of massive doors.

“Both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are waiting for you,” he said as he stepped aside.

Swallowing hard, Sunset approached the doors, and her perceived doom. Twilight put a hoof on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile. Easy for her to do. She didn't turn her back on the most powerful being in the kingdom.

Standing on a platform on the other end of the chamber, as regal as can be, stood two Alicorns. The shorter one was darker and seemed to have an overall night theme to her appearance. That was Princess Luna. Sunset had to admit, she seemed more majestic than her human counterpart. And less casual based on her stance. The other... easily towering over everyone in the room, was the Solar Princess herself. And she had the same caring look in her eyes that Sunset remembered.

“I made a mistake...” Sunset said under her breath. “I... I don't belong here. I don't deserve to be in her presence.”

“Its going to be alright Sunset,” Twilight reassured her. “I've been letting Princess Celestia know about your progress.”

Again biting her lip, Sunset Shimmer approached the Royal Sisters. Celestia smiled as she looked down at her former student, finally able to see her again after so long. After meeting the hesitant eyes of Sunset Shimmer, Celestia jumped down and pulled the mare into a hug.

“It is good to see you again Sunset,” Celestia said, catching Sunset off guard.

“Uh... yea... good to see you too,” she replied. “And... thanks for... not throwing me into the dungeon or anything...”

“Why would I do that?”

After a brief conversation, and feeling better about everything in general, Sunset opened her saddlebag and produced three items. Her cell phone, human Twilight's camcorder, and the Cup O' Slime. She explained that some strange things had been happening and that one thing in particular was what brought her back home. After showing the Ectoplasm, which seemed to interest both princesses, Sunset brought up the cell phone and showed the pictures of the ritual circle. As soon as she saw it, Celestia's expression turned dark.

“Do you have a better picture of this?” she asked.

“Technically... I can do you one better,” Sunset replied as she levitated the camcorder.

It was the first time Celestia saw Sunset in her human form, and the first time she saw something like this camcorder. But again, her attention was on the ritual circle. As the video played out, complete with audio, Celestia couldn't help but feel a bit of pride in the fact that Sunset at least remembered some of her lessons.

“Your assessment of the circle is correct Sunset,” Celestia said. “This is a ritual circle, and that is Ancient Equestrian. However... that is not a binding spell.”

“Then what is it?”

“An amplification spell. Whatever spell they were trying to cast, they were trying to make it as powerful as possible. And the arrangement... its meant to amplify a summoning spell. But as to what they wanted to summon... I do not know.”

Sunset narrowed her eyes in thought. Surprisingly, it was Twilight who spoke up, mentioning that Sunset said that there had been an increase in paranormal activity in the human world. She went on to connect the increase in activity to the summoning spell, stating that even if they weren't successful, it was likely that they unintentionally summoned spirits in the process.

“If that's the case, then why now?” Sunset asked. “What changed to cause this spike? I mean... the only thing I can think of would be the dimensional tears that happened during the Friendship Games, but that was taken care of real fast.”

“That, I believe, is for you to determine Sunset Shimmer,” Princess Luna said. “And I believe your courage will help to light the way.”

Ghostbuster Girls Ch.5
A years long plot by a mysterious Cult threatens the town, and the Equestria Girls suddenly find themselves dealing with the supernatural and in a race against time. To save Canterlot, the girls, with help from an unseen ally and a certain little Spud, must put on the Proton Packs and face the coming darkness.

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